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20220601 Quantum bridge states and sub-dimensional transports in quasicrystals (Junmo Jeon, SungBin Lee) Beyond the Berry Phase: Extrinsic Geometry of Quantum States Gauging Lie group symmetry in (2+1)d topological phases *** (Meng Cheng, Po-Shen Hsin, Chao-Ming Jian) Rotation Symmetry-Protected Topological Phases of Fermions *** (Meng Cheng, Chenjie Wang)

20220602 Spin-charge separation in two dimensions: spinon-chargon gauge theories from duality Modular Commutators in Conformal Field Theory (Isaac H. Kim) Energy-twisted boundary condition and response in one-dimensional quantum many-body systems (Shinsei Ryu) Noether’s 1st theorem with local symmetries Non-zero momentum requires long-range entanglement (Chong Wang) Gauging U(1) symmetry in (2+1)d topological phases (Meng Cheng, Chao-Ming Jian)

20220603 Emergence of Fermi’s Golden Rule (Alexander Altland) Shot noise indicates the lack of quasiparticles in a strange metal *** (Qimiao Si, S. Paschen) Green’s Function Approach to Interacting Higher-order Topological Insulators (Heqiu Li, Hae-Young Kee, Yong Baek Kim) Generalized Thouless Pumps in 1 + 1-dimensional Interacting Fermionic Systems ** (Ken Shiozaki, Masatoshi Sato) Dynamical Planckian scaling of charge response at a particle-hole-asymmetric quantum critical point with Kondo destruction **** (Qimiao Si) Fractons, dipole symmetries and curved spacetime *****

20220606 Correlated metals and unconventional superconductivity in rhombohedral trilayer graphene: a renormalization group analysis ***** (Da-Chuan Lu, Shubhayu Chatterjee, Yi-Zhuang You) Itinerant spin polaron and metallic ferromagnetism in semiconductor moir ́e superlattices *** (Liang Fu) Exactly solvable model for a deconfined quantum critical point in 1D **** (Michael Levin) Breakdown of the Migdal-Eliashberg Theory and a Theory of Lattice-Fermionic Superfluidity

20220607 Quantum Interference of Hydrodynamic Modes in a Dirty Marginal Fermi Liquid *** (Matthew S. Foster) Boson-fermion duality with subsystem symmetry ***** Odd-frequency pairing and time-reversal symmetry breaking for repulsive interactions **** (Andrey V. Chubukov) How to recognize the universal aspects of Mott criticality? **** Classification of time-reversal symmetric topological superconducting phases for conventional pairing symmetries ***** (Ken Shiozaki, Haruki Watanabe) Gauge Symmetry in Shape Dynamics *** (Frank Wilczek)

20220608 Non-Fermi liquid behavior and quantum criticality in the multipolar Bose-Fermi Kondo model for cubic heavy fermion systems ***** (SangEun Han, Daniel J. Schultz, Yong Baek Kim) Particle creation: Schwinger + Unruh + Hawking (G.E. Volovik) The quantum covariant derivative From entanglement generated dynamics to the gravitational anomaly and chiral central charge **** Random singlet-like phase of disordered Hubbard chains **** (Rahul Nandkishore, S. Raghu)

20220609 Feynman-Kac theory of time-integrated functionals: Itô versus functional calculus ** Gauge Symmetry in Shape Dynamics *** (Frank Wilczek)

20220610 SO(4) multicriticality of two-dimensional Dirac fermions ***** (Igor F. Herbut, Michael M. Scherer) Even-odd parity transition in strongly correlated locally noncentrosymmetric superconductors : An application to CeRh2As2 *** (Youichi Yanase) Phase diagram of a bilinear-biquadratic spin-1 model on the triangular lattice from density matrix renormalization group simulations ***** (Chong Wang, Yin-Chen He)

20220613 Theory of Moir ́e Magnets and Topological Magnons : Applications to Twisted Bilayer CrI3 *** (Kyoung-Min Kim, Do Hoon Kiem, Myung Joon Han, Moon Jip Park) Protected Gapless Edge States In Trivial Topology *** (Yu-Ping Lin, Ying-Jer Kao) Efficient tensor network simulation of quantum many-body physics on sparse graphs (Brian Swingle) Correlated normal state fermiology and topological superconductivity in UTe2 *** (Seung Hun Lee, Bohm-Jung Yang) Controllable Floquet edge modes in a multi-frequency driving system *** (HaRu K. Park, Junmo Jeon, Gil Young Cho, SungBin Lee) The role of electromagnetic gauge-field fluctuations in the selection between chiral and nematic superconductivity (Rafael M. Fernandes)

20220614 Entanglement Phase Transition Induced by the Non-Hermitian Skin Effect (Shinsei Ryu) Non-Abelian topological superconductivity in maximally twisted double-layer spin-triplet-valley-singlet superconductors (Marcel Franz) Phonon Thermal Hall Conductivity from Scattering with Collective Fluctuations *** (Leon Balents, Lucile Savary)

20220615 Seven Etudes on dynamical Keldysh Model

20660616 Interstitial-induced ferromagnetism in a two-dimensional Wigner crystal ** (Kyung-Su Kim, Steven A. Kivelson) Hecke Relations, Cosets and the Classification of 2d RCFTs (Kimyeong Lee) Energy Transport between Strange Quantum Baths **** Superconductivity Near a Quantum Critical Point in the Extreme Retardation Regime ***

20220617 Magnetic Bloch Theorem and Reentrant Flat Bands in Twisted Bilayer Graphene at 2π Flux (Andrei Bernevig) Enigma of the vortex state in a strongly correlated d-wave superconductor (Kun Yang) The Hierarchical Graphene model *** Theory of oblique topological insulators *** (Eduardo Fradkin)

20220620 Delayed Thermalization in Mass-Deformed SYK Giant modulation of optical nonlinearity by Floquet engineering (Je-Geun Park, L. Balents) Zero sound and plasmon modes for non-Fermi liquids *** (Ipsita Mandal)

20220622 Cascade of transitions in twisted bilayer graphene – the Van Hove scenario *** (Laura Classen, Yuxuan Wang, Andrey V. Chubukov) Deconfined criticalities and dualities between chiral spin liquid, topological superconductor and charge density wave Chern insulator **** The electromagnetic duality and the 3+1D O(6) non-linear sigma model with a level-1 Wess-Zumino-Witten term **** (Dung-Hai Lee) Non-abelian bosonization of fermion symmetry-protected topological states **** (Dung-Hai Lee) Hydrodynamics of charged two-dimensional Dirac systems I: thermo-electric transport Excitations in the Higher Lattice Gauge Theory Model for Topological Phases III: the 3+1d Case Gauge and Scalar Fields on CP2: A Gauge-invariant Analysis II. The measure for gauge fields and a 4d WZW theory Locality and error correction in quantum dynamics with measurement *** (Andrew Lucas)

20220623 Witten effect and Z-classification of three-dimensional topological insulators *** (Pallab Goswami) Field-induced Kitaev multipolar liquid in d2 honeycomb Mott insulators (Ahmed Rayyan, Derek Churchill, Hae-Young Kee)

20220624 Quantum Many-Body Scars: A Quasiparticle Perspective ***** LIFSHITZ SYMMETRY: LIE ALGEBRAS, SPACETIMES AND PARTICLES **** Zipper Entanglement Renormalization for Free Fermions *** (Hoi Chun Po) Eight-vertex criticality in the interacting Kitaev chain **

20220627 Bosons thermodynamics in the gravity field Foliated order parameter in a fracton phase transition ***

20220628 Nonequilibrium spintronic transport through Kondo impurities (Jan von Delft) Emergent Dipole Gauge Fields and Fractons ***** The Fundamentality of Fields ***** Fundamental scalar field with zero dimension from anomaly cancellations (G.E.Volovik)

20220629 Measurement as a shortcut to long-range entangled quantum matter *** (Isaac H. Kim, Timothy H. Hsieh Precise Low-Temperature Expansions for the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model ***** Translation-enriched Z2 spin liquids and topological vison bands: Possible application to α-RuCl3 ***** (Xue-Yang Song, T. Senthil) How quantum phases on cylinders approach the 2d limit (Steven A. Kivelson) Fractons: gauging spin models and tensor gauge theory ***** Quantum geometric effect on Fulde–Ferrell–Larkin–Ovchinnikov superconductivity (Youichi Yanase)

20220630 Non-Perturbative Defects in Tensor Models from Melonic Trees Deconfined Quantum Critical Point with Non-locality ***** (Cenke Xu) Optical conductivity of semi-Dirac and pseudospin-1 models: Zitterbewegung approach Numerical simulation of non-abelian anyons ** (Frank Pollmann) Theory of oblique topological insulators **** (Eduardo Fradkin)