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20220801 Fractonic Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless transition from a renormalization group perspective ****

20220802 Engineering SYK interactions in disordered graphene flakes under realistic experimental conditions ***** (Subir Sachdev) Field-theoretic functional renormalization group formalism for non-Fermi liquids and its application to the antiferromagnetic quantum critical metal in two dimensions ***** (Andr ́es Schlief Sung-Sik Lee) Boundary logarithmic corrections to the dynamical correlation functions of one-dimensional spin-1/2 chains *** (Ipsita Mandal) Emergent Dipole Gauge Fields and Fractons **** How Dynamical Quantum Memories Forget ***** (Jeongwan Haah, Matthew B. Hastings)

20220803 Emerging SYK physics and Wigner-Dyson distribution in polaron system Exact Low-Energy Solution for Critical Fermi Surfaces *** Quantum Field Theory Anomalies in Condensed Matter Physics *****

20220804 Hydrodynamic theory of scrambling in chaotic long-range interacting systems *** (Brian Swingle) Unusual thermal Hall effect in the 3d cobalt Kitaev system Na2Co2TeO6 (Eun-Gook Moon, Je-Geun Park) When Superconductivity Crosses Over: From BCS to BEC *** Higher Berry Phase of Fermions and Index Theorem ***** Black Hole Multipoles in Higher-Derivative Gravity ****

20220805 Tricritical phenomena in holographic chiral phase transitions