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20220901 Exact Dirac-Bogoliubov-de Gennes dynamics for inhomogeneous quantum liquids **** Large N theory of critical Fermi surfaces II: conductivity ***** (Haoyu Guo, Aavishkar A. Patel, Ilya Esterlis, Subir Sachdev) Quantum 4d Yang-Mills Theory and Time-Reversal Symmetric 5d Higher-Gauge Topological Field Theory: Anyonic-String/Brane Braiding Statistics to Link Invariants (Juven Wang) Rigorous Index Theory for One-Dimensional Interacting Topologi- cal Insulators ***** (Hal Tasaki)

20220902 Holographic superconductivity of a critical Fermi surface **** (Jörg Schmalian) Many-Body Superconductivity in Topological Flat Bands ***** (B. Andrei Bernevig) Topological Field Theories of Three-Dimensional Rotation Symmetric Insulators: Coupling Curvature and Electromagnetism **** (Taylor L. Hughes) Multiversality and unnecessary criticality in one dimension (S.A. Parameswaran) Nodal higher-order topological superconductivity from a C4-symmetric Dirac semimetal *** (Yuxuan Wang)

20220905 Triangular lattice Hubbard model physics at intermediate temperatures **** (Kyungmin Lee, Oskar Vafek) Nonlinear spectroscopy of bound states in perturbed Ising spin chains **** (GiBaik Sim, Johannes Knolle, Frank Pollmann) Nambu and the Ising Model Twists and turns of superconductivity from a repulsive dynamical interaction **** (Andrey V. Chubukov) Topological semimetals without quasiparticles **** (Haoyu Hu, Stefan Kirchner, Silke Paschen, Jennifer Cano, Qimiao Si) Wilsonian Renormalization Group for a Multitrace Matrix Model

20220907 Higher-order topological insulator with glide reflection symmetry *** Higher-order Topological Hyperbolic Lattices *** Maxwell theory of fractons *** Nonlinear sigma model description of deconfined quantum criticality in arbitrary dimensions ***** (Da-Chuan Lu)

20220908 Average Symmetry-Protected Topological Phases **** (Ruochen Ma, Chong Wang) CFTs with U (m) × U (n) Global Symmetry in 3D and the Chiral Phase Transition of QCD A theory of criticality for quantum ferroelectric metals *** (Rafael M. Fernandes) Gross-Neveu-Heisenberg criticality from 2 + 𝝐 expansion (Tobias Meng, Lukas Janssen) Dynamical Signatures of Symmetry Broken and Liquid Phases in an S = 1/2 Heisenberg Antiferromagnet on the Triangular Lattice (Frank Pollmann) Universal Non-Invertible Symmetries Quantum Glasses Denominator Regularization in Quantum Field Theory

20220909 Rydberg dressed spin-1/2 Fermi gases in one dimension *** (Junhyun Lee, J. H. Pixley) Exact analysis of the Liouvillian gap and dynamics in the dissipative SU(N) Fermi-Hubbard model *** (Hosho Katsura) Multiparticle quantum walk in the strongly interacting SU(3) Su-Schrieffer-Heeger-Hubbard topological model *** (Gergely Zar ́and) ’t Hooft anomalies for staggered fermions ****

20220912 The Shortest Route to Non-Abelian Topological Order on a Quantum Processor ***** (Ashvin Vishwanath) Topological states in strongly correlated systems Ergodicity breaking provably robust to arbitrary perturbations (Rahul M. Nandkishore) Solvable model for a charge-4e superconductor ***** (Yuxuan Wang)

20220913 When Does A Three-Dimensional Chern-Simons-Witten Theory Have A Time Reversal Symmetry? *** Vortex Fermi Liquid and Strongly Correlated Bad Metal ***** (Chao-Ming Jian, Cenke Xu) Pseudogap metal and magnetization plateau from doping moir ́e Mott insulator **** (Liang Fu) GGI Lectures on Entropy, Operator Algebras and Black Holes

20220914 Collective density fluctuations of strange metals with critical Fermi surfaces ***** (Debanjan Chowdhury) Photo-induced Superconductivity = Discrete Time Crystal? **** (Norman Y. Yao, Michael P. Zaletel) Theory of transverse magnetization in spin-orbit coupled antiferromagnets *** (Taekoo Oh, Sungjoon Park, Bohm-Jung Yang) The Symmetry Principle in Condensed Matter Physics (I) Fermions in Boundary Conformal Field Theory : Crossing Symmetry and ǫ-Expansion The one-dimensional Holstein model revisited *** (Ilya Esterlis, Steven A. Kivelson) A hierarchy of topological order from finite-depth unitaries, measurement and feedforward ***** (Ashvin Vishwanath)

20220915 Diamagnetic response and phase stiffness for interacting isolated narrow bands **** (Debanjan Chowdhury) Non-Abelian nonsymmorphic chiral symmetries **** (Hoi Chun Po, Liang Fu) Tunable phase transition in a dissipative two-spin system: A renormalization group study *** Resonant thermal Hall effect of phonons coupled to dynamical defects ***** (Haoyu Guo, Darshan G. Joshi, Subir Sachdev) Intertwining orbital current order and superconductivity in Kagome metal *** (Hyeok-Jun Yang, Hee Seung Kim, Min Yong Jeong, Yong Baek Kim, Myung Joon Han, SungBin Lee) Topological Disorder Parameter *** (Zi Yang Meng, Meng Cheng) Moir ́e Gravity and Cosmology **** (Victor Galitski) Fractional Vortices, Z2 Gauge Theory, and the Confinement-Deconfinement Transition **** (Dung-Hai Lee)

20220916 Phenomenological formula for Quantum Hall resistivity based on the Riemann zeta function ***** Role of the Berry curvature on BCS-type superconductivity in two-dimensional materials Fermion disorder operator: the hedgehog and the fox of quantum many-body entanglement *** ( Fakher F. Assaad, Meng Cheng, Kai Sun, Zi Yang Meng) Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev Models and Beyond: A Window into Non-Fermi Liquids ***** (Debanjan Chowdhury, Antoine Georges, Olivier Parcollet, Subir Sachdev) Persistent Homology of Z2 Gauge Theories (Roger G. Melko)

20220919 Hybrid Symmetry Breaking in Classical Spin Models With Subsystem Symmetries *** Projected Topological Branes *** (Vladimir Juriˇci ́c, Bitan Roy) Introduction to topological defects: from liquid crystals to particle physics ****

20220920 Anomalous hydrodynamics with triangular point group in 2 + 1 dimensions *** (Marvin Qi, Andrew Lucas) Defect Localized Entropy: Renormalization Group and Holography *** Lacing topological orders in two dimensions: exactly solvable models for Kitaev’s sixteen-fold way *** Anisotropic resistivity tensor from disk geometry magneto-transport *** (Oskar Vafek) N3LO Quadratic-in-Spin Interactions for Generic Compact Binaries (Jung-Wook Kim) Gravity and the Crossed Product (Edward Witten)

20220921 An optimal superconducting hybrid machine (Kun Woo Kim) Pair density wave order from electron repulsion ***** (Yi-Ming Wu, Aavishkar A. Patel, S. Raghu)

20220922 Coupled topological flat and wide bands: Quasiparticle formation and destruction ***** (Haoyu Hu, Qimiao Si) 2+1d Compact Lifshitz Theory, Tensor Gauge Theory, and Fractons ***** (Pranay Gorantla, Ho Tat Lam, Nathan Seiberg, Shu-Heng Shao) Vortex Fermi Liquid and Strongly Correlated Quantum Bad Metal **** (Nayan Myerson-Jain, Chao-Ming Jian, Cenke Xu)

20220923 Fully packed quantum loop model on the square lattice: phase diagram and application for Rydberg atoms (Yang Qi, Zi Yang Meng) Multipolar ordering from dynamical mean field theory with application to CeB6 ** Riemannian geometry of resonant optical responses ***** (Junyeong Ahn, Guang-Yu Guo, Naoto Nagaosa, Ashvin Vishwanath) A Gauge Theory for Shallow Water (David Tong)

20220926 Asymmetry effects on the phases of RKKY-coupled two-impurity Kondo systems ** Floquet transmission in Weyl/multi-Weyl and nodal-line semimetals through a time-periodic potential well (Ipsita Mandal) Quantum critical dynamics of electric dipoles in two-dimensions ** Symmetry fractionalization in the gauge mean-field theory of quantum spin ice **** (F ́elix Desrochers, Li Ern Chern, Yong Baek Kim) Prethermalization and the local robustness of gapped systems (Andrew Lucas) Large N theory of critical Fermi surfaces II: conductivity ***** (Haoyu Guo, Aavishkar A. Patel, Ilya Esterlis, Subir Sachdev)

20220927 Boson-fermion duality with subsystem symmetry Enhancing Detection of Topological Order by Local Error Correction ***** (Soonwon Choi, Mikhail D. Lukin)

20220928 Duality viewpoint of criticality Detecting Subsystem Symmetry Protected Topological Order Through Strange Correlators (Zi Yang Meng)

20220929 Properties of the non-Hermitian SSH model : role of PT -symmetry Spin Berry curvature of the Haldane model ** Charge 4e superconductor: a wavefunction approach *** Frustrated superconductivity and “charge-6e” ordering *** Multiple superconducting phases in heavy-fermion metals ***** (Qimiao Si)

20220930 Constructing Non-Abelian Quantum Spin Liquids Using Combinatorial Gauge Symmetry (Claudio Chamon) Weak-Coupling Theory of Pair Density-Wave Instabilities in Transition Metal Dichalcogenides ***** (F. J. Burnell, Rafael M. Fernandes) Phase diagram of twisted bilayer graphene at filling factor ν = −3 (Jian Kang, B. Andrei Bernevig, Oskar Vafek) Extracting Wilson loop operators and fractional statistics from a single bulk ground state (Maissam Barkeshli) On the “naturalness” of d + ig superconductivity in Sr2RuO4 **** (Erez Berg, Steven A. Kivelson) Dirac fermions with plaquette interactions. II. 𝑆𝑈(4) phase diagram with Gross-Neveu criticality and quantum spin liquid (Zi Yang Meng, Yang Qi)