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20221101 Beyond quantum chaos in emergent dual holography **** (Ki-Seok Kim) Jamming and Unusual Charge Density Fluctuations of Strange Metals **** (Debanjan Chowdhury) Strange Correlation Function for Average Symmetry-Protected Topological Phases **** (Jian-Hao Zhang, Yang Qi, Zhen Bi) Resonating valence bond states and other surprises in an electron-phonon system *** (Zhaoyu Han, Steven A. Kivelson) Symmetry protected topological phases under decoherence ***** (Jong Yeon Lee, Yi-Zhuang You, Cenke Xu) Path-integral approaches to strongly-coupled quantum many-body systems

20221102 Exact solution of the topological symplectic Kondo problem ***** (Elio J. K ̈oniga, Alexei M. Tsvelik) Gate-tunable heavy fermions in a moiré Kondo lattice Ground state degeneracy on torus in a family of ZN toric code **** (Haruki Watanabe, Meng Cheng, Yohei Fuji) Floquet’s Refrigerator: Conformal Cooling in Driven Quantum Critical Systems **** (Xueda Wen, Ruihua Fan, Ashvin Vishwanath) Non-Abelian Floquet Spin Liquids in a Digital Rydberg Simulator **** (Mikhail D. Lukin) Finding the ground state of a lattice gauge theory with fermionic tensor networks: a 2+1dZ2 demonstration Quantum oscillations of Kondo screening phases in strong magnetic fields Fermionic Isometric Tensor Network States in Two Dimensions (Michael P. Zaletel ) On the intermediate Jacobian of M5-branes (Manki Kim) Non-unitary TQFTs from 3D N = 4 rank 0 SCFTs (Dongmin Gang, Kimyeong Lee)

20221103 Electronic anisotropy in magic-angle twisted trilayer graphene *** (Oskar Vafek) Higher-Order Nodal Hinge States in Doped Superconducting Topological Insulator *** (Jennifer Cano, Enrico Rossi, Taylor L. Hughes) A Criterion for Strange Metallicity in the Lorenz Ratio *** (Evyatar Tulipman, Erez Berg) Untwisting moiré physics: Almost ideal bands and fractional Chern insulators in periodically strained monolayer graphene High-field quantum spin liquid transitions and angle-field phase diagram of Kitaev magnet α-RuCl3 Dirac fermions with plaquette interactions. III. 𝑆𝑈(𝑁) phase diagram with Gross-Neveu criticality and first-order phase transition (Zi Yang Meng, Yang Qi) Fractonic gauge theory of smectics **** (Leo Radzihovsky)

20221104 Sublattice Interference promotes Pair Density Wave order in Kagome Metals ***** (Yi-Ming Wu, S. Raghu) Large-Scale 2 + 1D U(1) Gauge Theory with Dynamical Matter in a Cold-Atom Quantum Simulator (Philipp Hauke) Quantum phase transitions in non-Hermitian PT -symmetric transverse-field Ising spin chains *** Universality and its limits in non-Hermitian many-body quantum chaos using the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model ***** Higgs Condensates are Symmetry-Protected Topological Phases: I. Discrete Symmetries **** (Ashvin Vishwanath) Quantum Spin Puddles and Lakes: NISQ-Era Spin Liquids from Non-Equilibrium Dynamics (Ashvin Vishwanath) Strange-metal behavior in a Fermi liquid with strange scatterers *** (Erez Berg, Steven A. Kivelson) Nonlinear Landauer formula: Nonlinear response theory of disordered and topological materials *** (Masahito Ueda)

20221107 INVERTIBLE SUBALGEBRAS **** (JEONGWAN HAAH) Multilayer graphenes as a platform for interaction-driven physics and topological superconductivity *** (Erez Berg) Polar hairs of mixed-parity nodal superconductors in Rarita-Schwinger-Weyl metals *** (Bitan Roy) Magnetic quantum phase transition in a metallic Kondo heterostructure *** (Lukas Janssen, Matthias Vojta, Fakher F. Assaad) Quench dynamics of the Kondo effect: transport across an impurity coupled to interacting wires *** Non-Hermitian skin effect and lasing of absorbing open-boundary modes in photonic crystals Maxwell theory of fractons On the intermediate Jacobian of M5-branes (Manki Kim) Fractons on Graphs and Complexity (Pranay Gorantla, Ho Tat Lam, Shu-Heng Shao)

20221108 Quantum noise spectroscopy of dynamical critical phenomena (Francisco Machado, Eugene A. Demler, Norman Y. Yao, Shubhayu Chatterjee) Interplay of superconductivity and localization near a 2D ferromagnetic quantum critical point ***** (S. Raghu) Dualities in one-dimensional quantum lattice models: topological sectors *** Non-Kitaev vs. Kitaev Honeycomb Cobaltates (Hae-Young Kee)

20221109 Classification of Interacting Dirac Semimetals Narrow bands in magnetic field and strong-coupling Hofstadter spectra (Oskar Vafek) Emergent space-time meets emergent quantum phenomena: observing quantum phase transitions in a moving frame (Jinwu Ye)

20221110 From Elastic Spin to Phonon Spin: Symmetry and Fundamental Relations A Panorama Of Physical Mathematics c. 2022 *****

20221111 Wiedemann-Franz law in graphene Fracton Matter *** (Andrey Gromov, Leo Radzihovsky) Multi-criticality and long-range effects in non-Hermitian topological models The X-Cube Floquet Code (Sagar Vijay) Multi-criticality and field induced non-BEC transition in frustrated magnets (Shouvik Sur)

20221114 Spontaneous antiferromagnetic skyrmion/antiskyrmion lattice and spiral spin liquid states in the frustrated triangular lattice

20221115 Topological Gauge Fields and the Composite Particle Duality *** Orbital Fulde-Ferrell pairing state in moir ́e Ising superconductors *** Anomalies and the Green-Schwarz Mechanism

20221116 Holographic measurement and quantum teleportation in the SYK thermofield double *** (Shao-Kai Jian, Brian Swingle) Lattice Instability of UTe2 Studied by Ultrasonic Measurements Drag resistance mediated by quantum spin liquids *** (Elio J. K ̈onig) Topological Quantization of Superfluid Stiffness in Dirac Materials *** Topological phase in Kitaev chain with spatially separated pairing processes ***

20221117 Enhanced eigenvector sensitivity and algebraic classification of sublattice-symmetric exceptional points *** (Ipsita Mandal) Energy Transport Induced by Transition from Weak to Strong Coupling Regime Between Non-Hermitian systems *** Quantum mechanics of open systems: Dissipaton theories Orbital magnetic quadrupole moment in higher order topological phases *** (Taylor L. Hughes) Fate of exceptional points under interactions: Reduction of topological classifications *** Microscopic origin of local electric polarization in NiPS3 *** (Ki-Seok Kim)

20221118 Quantized charge polarization as a many-body invariant in (2+1)D crystalline topological states and Hofstadter butterflies *** (Maissam Barkeshli) Thermal three-point functions from holographic Schwinger-Keldysh contours ** Universal scaling of Klein bottle entropy near conformal critical points Strain Fields and Critical Phenomena in Manganites I: Spin-Lattice Hamiltonians Strain Fields and Critical Phenomena in Manganites II: Spin-Lattice-Energy Hamiltonians Exact Quantum Algorithms for Quantum Phase Recognition: Renormalization Group and Error Correction ***** (Ethan Lake, Shankar Balasubramanian, Soonwon Choi) Robust d-wave superconductivity from the Su-Schrieffer-Heeger-Hubbard model: possible route to high-temperature superconductivity *** (Hong Yao) Ground state degeneracy of the Ising cage-net model *** (Xie Chen)

20221121 Higher order topological state induced by d-wave competing orders in high-Tc superconductor based heterostructure Quantum theory of light-driven coherent lattice dynamics

20221122 Fractionalized Prethermalization in a Driven Quantum Spin Liquid *** (Johannes Knolle, Michael Knap) Yang-Lee Singularity in BCS Superconductivity ***** (Masaya Nakagawa, Masahito Ueda) Spin density wave, Fermi liquid, and fractionalized phases in a theory of antiferromagnetic metals using paramagnons and bosonic spinons ***** (Subir Sachdev) Gapless Infinite-component Chern-Simons-Maxwell Theories **** (Xie Chen, Ho Tat Lam) Fractionalization in Fractional Correlated Insulating States at n ± 1/3 filled twisted bilayer graphene **** (Eun-Ah Kim) Shot noise as a characterization of strongly correlated metals (Shouvik Sur, Silke Paschen, Qimiao Si)

20221123 Relaxation and domain wall structure of bilayer moir ́e systems (Philip Kim) Fermionic defects of topological phases and logical gates *** Higher-group symmetry in finite gauge theory and stabilizer codes *** (Maissam Barkeshli, Yu-An Chen, Po-Shen Hsin, Ryohei Kobayashi) Phases of Wilson Lines in Conformal Field Theories Topological holography: Towards a unification of Landau and beyond-Landau physics

20221124 Theory of topological defects and textures in two-dimensional quantum orders with spontaneous symmetry breaking Lieb-Schultz-Mattis, Luttinger, and ’t Hooft – anomaly matching in lattice systems *** (Meng Cheng, Nathan Seiberg) Relating non-Hermitian and Hermitian quantum systems at criticality **** (Chang-Tse Hsieh, Po-Yao Chang) Lattice Quantum Villain Hamiltonians: Compact scalars, U(1) gauge theories, fracton models and Quantum Ising model dualities Magnetic-field driven delocalization of in-gap-state BdG quasiparticles in a quasi-two-dimensional Fe- based superconductor (Hae-Ryong Park, Kyung-Yong Park, Kyoung-Min Kim, Jun-Sung Kim, Hanwoong Yeom , Ki-Seok Kim, Jhinhwan Lee) Non-Fermi liquid behavior and quantum criticality in cubic heavy fermion systems with non-Kramers multipolar local moments ***** (SangEun Han, Daniel J. Schultz, Yong Baek Kim) Quantum Transport and Magnetism of Dirac Electrons in Solids (Hiroki Isobe, Naoto Nagaosa) Delocalization and re-entrant localization of flat-band states in non-Hermitian disordered lattice models with flat bands

20221128 From Hermitian critical to non-Hermitian point-gapped phases Model-Independent Learning of Quantum Phases of Matter with Quantum Convolutional Neural Networks (Michael Knap, Frank Pollmann) Coupled topological flat and wide bands: Quasiparticle formation and destruction (Haoyu Hu, Qimiao Si)

20221129 Quasiparticles of Decoherence Processes in Open Quantum Many-Body Systems: Incoherentons *** (Masahito Ueda) Topological and quantum critical properties of the interacting Majorana chain model AdS/CFT Correspondence with a 3D Black Hole Simulator (Jiannis K. Pachos) Two Dimensional Isometric Tensor Networks on an Infinite Strip (Frank Pollmann, Michael P. Zaletel) Flat bands in Network Superstructures of Atomic Chains (Jun-Won Rhim) Bulk–Boundary Correspondence and Boundary Zero Modes in a Non-Hermitian Kitaev Chain Model

20221130 Kekule spin-orbit dimer phase and triplon dynamics ***** (GiBaik Sim) Kondo lattice model in magic-angle twisted bilayer graphene (Sankar Das Sarma) Dirac Kondo effect under magnetic catalysis *** Reckoning with the Mother of all non-Fermi liquids: alien bosonization vs predator holography Spin-liquid insulators can be Landau’s Fermi liquids Remarks on Berry Connection in QFT, Anomalies, and Applications