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20221201 High-efficiency quantum rectification via nonlinear Hall effect ** (Liang Fu) Optimizing sparse fermionic Hamiltonians ** Flat bands, quantum Hall effect and superconductivity in twisted bilayer graphene at magic angles **** Anomalous relaxation of density waves in a ring-exchange system *** Tensor network study of the spin-1/2 Heisenberg anti-ferromagnet on the Shuriken lattice Triple-Q order in Na2Co2TeO6 from proximity to hidden-SU(2)-symmetric point *** (Lukas Janssen) Supercurrent-induced Anomalous Thermal Hall Effect as a New Probe to Superconducting Gap Anisotropy *** (Jung Hoon Han, Ying Ran) On Topology of the Moduli Space of Gapped Hamiltonians for Topological Phases (Po-Shen Hsina, Zhenghan Wang) Gauging Lie group symmetry in (2+1)d topological phases *** (Meng Cheng, Po-Shen Hsin, Chao-Ming Jian) Superconductivity and bosonic fluid emerging from moir ́e flat bands (Kai Sun, Heqiu Li, Zi Yang Meng)

20221202 Symmetry Classification of Many-Body Lindbladians: Tenfold Way and Beyond **** Non-Hermitian Photonic Lattices: tutorial ** Symmetry of open quantum systems: Classification of dissipative quantum chaos **** (Shinsei Ryu) Z2 spin liquids in the higher spin-S Kitaev honeycomb model: An exact deconfined Z2 gauge structure in a non-integrable model **** (Han Ma) Emergent Symmetry in Frustrated Magnets: From Deconfined Quantum Critical Point to Gapless Quantum Spin Liquid Triplet pairing mechanisms from Hund’s-Kondo models: applications to UTe2 and CeRh2As2 *** (Piers Coleman) Complementarity and the unitarity of the black hole S-matrix (Isaac H. Kim, John Preskill) INTRODUCTION TO TOPOLOGICAL SYMMETRY IN QFT

20221205 Universal chiral Luttinger liquid behaviour in a graphene fractional quantum Hall point contact (Michael P. Zaletel, Andrea F. Young) Quantum effects on unconventional pinch point singularities ***** Effective quasiclassical models for odd-frequency superconductivity: energy-symmetry, preserved spectral weight, and Meissner response Anomaly of (2 + 1)-Dimensional Symmetry-Enriched Topological Order from (3 + 1)-Dimensional Topological Quantum Field Theory (Weicheng Ye, Liujun Zou)

20221206 Field theory for the Almeida-Thouless transition *** Quantum Scars in Quantum Field Theory ***** Current- and field-induced topology in twisted nodal superconductors **** (J. H. Pixley) Phonon induced rank-2 U(1) nematic liquid states **** (Han Yan, Andriy H. Nevidomskyy) Classical Shadow Tomography with Locally Scrambled Quantum Dynamics ***** (Soonwon Choi, Yi-Zhuang You)

20221207 Measuring Arbitrary Physical Properties in Analog Quantum Simulation ***** (Soonwon Choi) Spin excitation continuum to topological magnon crossover and thermal Hall conductivity in Kitaev magnets ***** (Emily Z. Zhang, Reja H. Wilke, Yong Baek Kim) Isolated flat bands in 2D lattices based on a novel path-exchange symmetry Topological Hall effect induced by classical large-spin background: 𝑠𝑢(2) path-integral approach The absence of Ginzburg-Landau mechanism for vestigial order in the normal phase above a two-component superconductor

20221208 Quantum chaos and phase transition in the Yukawa-SYK model ***** (Yuxuan Wang)

20221209 Universal KPZ scaling in noisy hybrid quantum circuits **** (Shao-Kai Jian, Hong Yao)

20221212 Renormalisation Group Flows of the SYK Model **** Non-invertible symmetries in axion electrodynamics *** Interactions and Topology in Quantum Matter Auxiliary Field Approach & Generalized SSH Models ** Plaquette valence bond state in spin-1/2 J1-J2 XY model on square lattice ***

20221213 Topological quantum criticality of the disordered Chern insulator ** (Alexander Altland) Dirac gauge theory for topological spinors in 3+1 dimensional networks Finite temperature dynamical quantum phase transition in a non-Hermitian system Phase Fluctuations in Two-Dimensional Superconductors and Pseudogap Phenomenon *** (Yang Qi) Hardware-efficient learning of quantum many-body states **** (Mikhail D. Lukin) Theory of optical axion electrodynamics and application to the Kerr effect in topological antiferromagnets ***** (Junyeong Ahn, Su-Yang Xu, Ashvin Vishwanath)

20221214 Unifying Constructions of Non-Invertible Symmetries (Apoorv Tiwari) The fate of non-supersymmetric Gross-Neveu-Yukawa fixed point in two dimensions ** Collapse of Metallicity and High-Tc Superconductivity in the High-Pressure phase of FeSe0.89S0.11 *** (Amalia I. Coldea) IrF4: From Tetrahedral Compass Model to Topological Semimetal ** A generalized multi-scale entanglement renormalization ansatz: More accurate conformal data from a critical lattice model Lectures on the string landscape and the Swampland ***** (Nathan Benjamin Agmon, Alek Bedroya, Monica Jinwoo Kang, Cumrun Vafa)

20221215 Dipolar Weyl semimetals (Shouvik Sur) Non-Invertible Symmetry Webs (Apoorv Tiwari) Symmetry Classification of Many-Body Lindbladians: Tenfold Way and Beyond

20221216 Emergent flat band and topological Kondo semimetal driven by orbital-selective correlations **** (Shouvik Sur, Haoyu Hu, Silke Paschen, Jennifer Cano, Qimiao Si) Interacting Bose-condensed gases Strain-induced superconductivity in Sr2IrO4 (Chia-Chuan Liu, William Witczak-Krempa) Noncommutative Field Theory of the Tkachenko Mode: Symmetries and Decay Rate (Dam Thanh Son) Electronic Density of States of a U (1) Quantum Spin Liquid with Spinon Fermi Surface. I. Orbital Magnetic Field Effects. (Patrick A. Lee) Electronic Density of States of a U (1) Quantum Spin Liquid with Spinon Fermi Surface. II. Zeeman Magnetic Field Effects. (Patrick A. Lee) One, two, three, ... infinity: topological properties of thin films of Co-based shandite (Yukitoshi Motome)

20221219 Network of chiral one-dimensional channels and localized states emerging in a moire ́ system Non-Invertible Defects in Nonlinear Sigma Models and Coupling to Topological Orders (Po-Shen Hsin) A Note On The Canonical Formalism For Gravity *** (Edward Witten)

20221220 Drude weights in one-dimensional systems with a single defect *** (Kazuaki Takasan, Masaki Oshikawa, Haruki Watanabe) Maxwell theory of fractons (Nicola Maggiore)

20221221 Measuring topological entanglement entropy using Maxwell relations (Cheolhee Han) Boundary states of Three Dimensional Topological Order and the Deconfined Quantum Critical Point *** (Wenjie Ji, Nathanan Tantivasadakarn, Cenke Xu) Spin Nematics Meet Spin Liquids: Exotic Quantum Phases in the Spin-1 Bilinear-Biquadratic Model with Kitaev Interactions (Nic Shannon, Yukitoshi Motome) Revealing microcanonical phases and phase transitions of strongly correlated systems via time-averaged classical shadows (Michael J. Lawler)

20221222 Ultrafast Entanglement Dynamics in Monitored Quantum Circuits (Timothy H. Hsieh, Beni Yoshida) Quantum simulation of two-dimensional U(1) gauge theory in Rydberg atom arrays

20221223 Separability and entanglement of resonating valence-bond states (William Witczak-Krempa) Polyakov’s confinement mechanism for generalized Maxwell theory Marginal Fermi liquid at magnetic quantum criticality from dimensional confinement (Fakher F. Assaad, Matthias Vojta, Lukas Janssen) Simulation of Fermionic and Bosonic Critical Points with Emergent SO(5) Symmetry (Fakher F. Assaad) Fermion disorder operator at Gross-Neveu and deconfined quantum criticalities (Meng Cheng, Kai Sun, Zi Yang Meng, Fakher F. Assaad) Metal to Wigner-Mott insulator transition in two-leg ladders (T. Senthil) How quantum phases on cylinders approach the 2d limit (Steven A. Kivelson)

20221226 Localization and topological transitions in non-Hermitian SSH models

20221227 Composing parafermions: a construction of ZN fractional quantum Hall systems and a modern understanding of confinement and duality Piezoelectric effect and diode effect in anapole and monopole superconductors (Youichi Yanase)

20221229 Variational Monte Carlo Study of Symmetric Mass Generation in a Bilayer Honeycomb Lattice Model (Yi-Zhuang You) Quantum groups, non-commutative AdS2, and chords in the double-scaled SYK model RG flows from WZW models