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20230201 Symmetry constraints and spectral crossing in a Mott insulator with Green’s function zeros *** (Shouvik Sur, Haoyu Hu, Silke Paschen, Jennifer Cano, Qimiao Si) Theoretical study of phonon-mediated superconductivity beyond Migdal-Eliashberg approximation and Coulomb pseudopotential Field Theoretic Aspects of Condensed Matter Physics: An Overview ****** (Eduardo Fradkin) Density of states and spectral function of a superconductor out of a quantum-critical metal **** (Shang-Shun Zhang, Andrey V. Chubukov)

20230202 Non-Hermiticity induces localization: good and bad resonances in power-law random banded matrices *** Classification of time-reversal-invariant crystals with gauge structures *** Correlation-Induced Sensitivity and Non-Hermitian Skin Effect of Quasiparticles *** Correlated Fractional Dirac Materials **** (Bitan Roy, Vladimir Juriˇci ́c)

20230203 Spontaneous symmetry breaking without ground state degeneracy in generalized N-state clock model *** (Haruki Watanabe) Absence of Correlations in Dissipative Interacting Qubits: a No-Go Theorem ** Spectral statistics of a minimal quantum glass model ** (Brian Swingle, Victor Galitski) Universal lower bound on topological entanglement entropy (Isaac H. Kim, Michael Levin) Many-body multipole index and bulk-boundary correspondence *** (Masaki Oshikawa) Stability of the N ́eel quantum critical point in the presence of Dirac fermions *** Superfluidity and Quantum Geometry in Twisted Multilayer Systems ***** (Bogdan A. Bernevig) Building models of topological quantum criticality from pivot Hamiltonians *** (Ashvin Vishwanath, Ruben Verresen) Pivot Hamiltonians as generators of symmetry and entanglement *** (Ashvin Vishwanath, Ruben Verresen) Coupling a Cosmic String to a TQFT (Sungwoo Hong) From Dyson Models to Many-Body Quantum Chaos Integrability for Feynman Integrals

20230206 Signatures of two- and three-dimensional semimetals from circular dichroism (Ipsita Mandal) Revisiting the replica trick: Competition between spin glass and conventional order (Brian Swingle)

20230207 Probing single-electron scattering through a non-Fermi liquid charge-Kondo device Numerical Methods for Detecting Symmetries and Commutant Algebras (Olexei I. Motrunich) Enhanced nematicity emerging from higher-order van Hove singularities Unitarity of Symplectic Fermion in α-vacua with Negative Central Charge (Shinsei Ryu, Junggi Yoon) Exactly solvable model for a deconfined quantum critical point in 1D (Michael Levin) Spin supplementary condition in quantum field theory, Part I : covariant SSC and physical state projection (Jung-Wook Kim)

20230208 A statistical approach to topological entanglement: Boltzmann machine representation of higher-order irreducible correlation Dirac equation in curved spacetime: the role of local Fermi velocity

20230209 XY* transition and extraordinary boundary criticality from fractional exciton condensation in quantum Hall bilayer **** (Ya-Hui Zhang, Ashvin Vishwanath) U(1) symmetry-enriched toric code **** (Claudio Chamon) Non Fermi liquid behavior at flat hot spots from quantum critical fluctuations at the onset of charge- or spin-density wave order *** pyTDGL: Time-dependent Ginzburg-Landau in Python **

20230210 An Introduction to the Theory of Spin Glasses Measurement-altered Ising quantum criticality *** (Jason Alicea) A slave fermion interpretation of the pseudogap in doped Mott insulator *** Doniach phase diagram for Kondo lattice model on the square and triangular lattices Dynamic mass generation on two-dimensional electronic hyperbolic lattices (Bitan Roy) Non-Hermitian fermions with effective mass

20230213 Anomalous Hall Effect from a Non-Hermitian Viewpoint ***** (Hiroki Isobe, Naoto Nagaosa) Real-Space Renormalization group for spin glasses Magnetic catalysis in the (2+1)-dimensional Gross-Neveu model Non–Fermi liquid behavior of doped Kondo insulator: The unique properties of CeRhSb1−x Tex ***

20230214 Non-Abelian generalization of non-Hermitian quasicrystal: PT -symmetry breaking, localization, entanglement and topological transitions ** Continuous phase transitions between fractional quantum Hall states and symmetry-protected topological states *** (Meng Cheng) Plaquette Singlet Transition, Magnetic Barocaloric Effect, and Spin Supersolidity in the Shastry-Sutherland Model Electric control of two-dimensional Van Hove singularity in oxide ultra-thin films (TaeWon Noh, Changyoung Kim) Fractons, symmetric gauge fields and geometry Circular dichroism as a probe for topology in three-dimensional semimetals (Ipsita Mandal)

20230215 Fluctuation-dominated quantum oscillations in excitonic insulators (Nigel R. Cooper) Fermi liquids beyond the forward scattering limit: the role of non-forward scatterings for scale invariance and instabilities ***** (Han Ma, Sung-Sik Lee) Singlet, Triplet and Pair Density Wave Superconductivity in the Doped Triangular-Lattice Moir ́e System **** (D. N. Sheng)

20230216 Crystal-symmetry-protected gapless vortex-line phases in superconducting Dirac semimetals (Akira Furusaki) Finite-size and finite bond dimension effects of tensor network renormalization (Masaki Oshikawa) Impurity-Driven Metal-Insulator Transitions in Holography (Sang-Jin Sin) Dynamical Axions in U(1) Quantum Spin Liquids ***** (Claudio Castelnovo)

20230217 Complex fixed points of the non-Hermitian Kondo model in a Luttinger liquid ****** (SangEun Han, Daniel J. Schultz, Yong Baek Kim) Microscopic theory of multi-stage Fermi surface reconstruction in higher-rank moment quantum materials  ****** (SangEun Han, Daniel J. Schultz, Yong Baek Kim) Discrete scale invariant fixed point in a quasiperiodic classical dimer model (S. A. Parameswaran) Non-Fermi liquids from kinetic constraints in tilted optical lattices ***** (Ethan Lake, T. Senthil) Scaling behaviors at quantum and classical first-order transitions **** (Ettore Vicari) Scrambling and Recovery of Quantum Information in Inhomogeneous Quenches in Two-dimensional Conformal Field ***** (Shinsei Ryu) Isometric tensor network representations of two-dimensional thermal states (Frank Pollmann, Michael Knap) A model of d-wave superconductivity, antiferromagnetism, and charge order on the square lattice ***** (Mathias Scheurer, Subir Sachdev) Collisionless dynamics of general non-Fermi liquids from hydrodynamics of emergent conserved quantities (Dominic V. Else)

20230220 Tunable Lyapunov exponent in a Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev-type model **** A model of d-wave superconductivity, antiferromagnetism, and charge order on the square lattice ***** (Mathias Scheurer, Subir Sachdev) Anomalies and Symmetry Fractionalization (Po-Shen Hsin)

20230221 Measurement-induced entanglement transitions in quantum circuits of non-interacting fermions: Born-rule versus forced measurements **** (Chao-Ming Jian, Andreas W. W. Ludwig) Emergent QED3 from half-filled flat Chern bands ***** (Xue-Yang Song, Hart Goldman, Liang Fu) Non-Hermitian strongly interacting Dirac fermions: a quantum Monte-Carlo study Transmission and conductance across junctions of isotropic and anisotropic three-dimensional semimetals (Ipsita Mandal) Triplet pairing, orbital selectivity and correlations in iron-based superconductors (Yashar Komijani, Elio K ̈onig, Piers Coleman) Matrix Product Study of Spin Fractionalization in the 1D Kondo Insulator (Yashar Komijani, Piers Coleman) Origin of π-shifted three-dimensional charge density waves in kagome metal AV3Sb5 (Heqiu Li, Yong Baek Kim, Hae-Young Kee) Exact Renormalization Group in Large N

20230222 Diagrammatic method for many-body non-Markovian dynamics: memory effects and entanglement transitions ***

20230223 Two-dimensional inversion symmetry as the fundamental symmetry of incompressible quantum Hall fluids (F. D. M. Haldane) Unavoidable Fermi liquid instabilities in sign problem-free models *** (Erez Berg) Drude weights in one-dimensional systems with a single defect (Kazuaki Takasan, Masaki Oshikawa, Haruki Watanabe)

20230224 Phase diagram of training dynamics in deep neural networks: effect of learning rate, depth, and width (Maissam Barkeshli) The teaching from entanglement: 2D deconfined quantum critical points are not conformal ***** (Yang Qi, Zi Yang Meng) Non-Abelian currents bootstrap (Yin-Chen He) Cavity Moire ́ Materials: Controlling Magnetic Frustration with Quantum Light-Matter Interaction (Yuto Ashida) Superconducting valence bond fluid in lightly doped 8-leg t-J cylinders (Steven A. Kivelson, Dung-Hai Lee) Infinite critical boson non-Fermi liquid **** (Gang Chen) SYK Model with global symmetries in the double scaling limit On string one-loop correction to the Einstein-Hilbert term and its implications on the K ̈ahler potential. (Manki Kim) CFTs on curved spaces (Ken KIKUCHI) Emergent N = 4 supersymmetry from N = 1 (Monica Jinwoo Kang, Ki-Hong Lee, Jaewon Song) Massless graviton in a model of quantum gravity with emergent spacetime (Sung-Sik Lee)

20230227 Flavor symmetry breaking in spin-orbit coupled bilayer graphene (Sankar Das Sarma) Machine Learning Microscopic Form of Nematic Order in twisted double-bilayer graphene (Mathias S. Scheurer) Definition and Classification of Fermi Surface Anomalies ***** (Da-Chuan Lu, Juven Wang Yi-Zhuang You) Incompressible Quantum Hall fluids as Electric Quadrupole fluids (F. D. M. Haldane)

20230228 Topological phase diagrams of exactly solvable non-Hermitian interacting Kitaev chains **** Third quantization of open quantum systems: new dissipative symmetries and connections to phase-space and Keldysh field theory formulations *** Symmetric non-Hermitian skin effect with emergent nonlocal correspondence *** Topological Andreev Rectification (Pok Man Tam, Charles L. Kane) Classification of magnetic order from electronic structure by using machine learning (Choong H. Kim, Ara Go) Correlation between phase stiffness and condensation energy across the non-Fermi to Fermi-liquid crossover in the Yukawa-Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model on a lattice ***** (J. Schmalian) BCS to incoherent superconductivity crossovers in the Yukawa-SYK model on a lattice ***** (J. Schmalian) Boundary obstructed topological superconductor in buckled honeycomb lattice under perpendicular electric field (Seung Hun Lee, and Bohm-Jung Yang) From Classical to Quantum Information Geometry, an Introductory Guide Quantum z = 2 Lifshitz criticality in interacting topological chains ***