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20230403 Structured volume-law entanglement in an interacting, monitored Majorana spin liquid (Simon Trebst) d-wave Charge-4e Superconductivity From Fluctuating Pair Density Waves ***** (Yi-Ming Wu, Yuxuan Wang) Unified Theory of Hastatic order and Antiferromagnetism in URu2Si2

20230404 Nobel Lecture: Multiple equilibria (Giorgio Parisi) Spin waves in layered antiferromagnets with honeycomb structure Emus live on the Gross-Neveu-Yukawa archipelago (Zi Yang Meng) Non-Fermi Liquids from Dipolar Symmetry Breaking ***** (Zhen Bi) Fracton Self-Statistics *** (Wilbur Shirley, Michael Hermele) Charge-density wave fluctuation driven composite order in the layered Kagome Metals (Alexei M. Tsvelik) Measuring Arbitrary Physical Properties in Analog Quantum Simulation **** (Soonwon Choi)

20230405 Anomalies of (1 + 1)D categorical symmetries *** Topological superconductivity in doped magnetic moir ́e semiconductors ***** (Jennifer Cano, J. H. Pixley, Andrew Millis) Measurement Quantum Cellular Automata and Anomalies in Floquet Codes *** (Jeongwan Haah) Ideal Chern bands are Landau levels in curved space *** Revisiting Bloch electrons in magnetic field: Hofstadter physics via hybrid Wannier states (Oskar Vafek)

20230406 Identifying topologically critical band from pinch-point singularities in spectroscopy **** (Han Yan) Intrinsic surface superconducting instability in Type-I Weyl Semimetals ***

20230407 Symmetry and topology of hyperbolic Haldane models (Joseph Maciejko, Igor Boettcher) Scaling and localization in kinetically constrained diffusion ***** (Jung Hoon Han, Ethan Lake, Sunghan Ro) Lieb-Schultz-Mattis, Luttinger, and ’t Hooft – anomaly matching in lattice systems ***** (Meng Cheng, Nathan Seiberg) Rigorous Index Theory for One-Dimensional Interacting Topological Insulators (Hal Tasaki)

20230410 Mobile Kink Solitons in a Van der Waals Charge-Density-Wave Layer *** (Jinwon Lee, Gil-Young Cho, Han Woong Yeom) Spin-momentum Locking and Topological Vector Charge Response with Conserved Spin **** (Yoonseok Hwang, Taylor L. Hughes) Extracting quantum-geometric effects from Ginzburg-Landau theory in a multiband Hubbard model

20230411 Generic deformation channels for critical Fermi surfaces in the collisionless regime (Ipsita Mandal) Identifying dissipative phase transitions from entropy and conductance *** (Cheolhee Han) Quantum Mechanics Lecture Notes. Selected Chapters *** Impurity effect on Bogoliubov Fermi surfaces: Analysis based on iron-based superconductors **** Definition and Classification of Fermi Surface Anomalies ***** (Da-Chuan Lu, Juven Wang, Yi-Zhuang You) Zero sound and plasmon modes for non-Fermi liquids **** (Ipsita Mandal)

20230412 Topologically stable ergodicity breaking from emergent higher-form symmetries in generalized quantum loop models **** (Charles Stahl, Rahul Nandkishore, Oliver Hart) Higher structures in matrix product states **** (Shinsei Ryu)

20230413 Topological Monomodes in non-Hermitian Systems Lattices: From Roots to String Compactifications Interplay between lattice gauge theory and subsystem codes ***

20230414 Topological enhancement of non-normality in non-Hermitian skin effects (Masatoshi Sato) Topological quantum gates and topological entangled states by braiding Majorana fermions A NOTE ON THE RENORMALIZATION GROUP APPROACH TO THE CENTRAL LIMIT THEOREM A model of d-wave superconductivity, antiferromagnetism, and charge order on the square lattice ***** (Maine Christos, Zhu-Xi Luo, Henry Shackleton, Mathias S. Scheurer, Subir Sachdev) Tangent fermions: Dirac or Majorana fermions on a lattice without fermion doubling Strong correlations in ABC-stacked trilayer graphene: Moir ́e is important ***** (Adarsh S. Patri and T. Senthil) The trace anomaly for a chiral fermion *** Topological classification of non-Hermitian Hamiltonians with frequency dependence ****

20230417 Holographic measurement in CFT thermofield doubles (Shao-Kai Jian, Brian Swingle) The ground state of the Kondo lattice van Hove, Rashba, and Hubbard meet to form first-order and higher-order topological superconductors Emergent SU(8) Dirac semimetal and novel proximate phases of spin-orbit coupled fermions on a honeycomb lattice Fermi liquids beyond the forward scattering limit: the role of non-forward scatterings for scale invariance and instabilities (Han Ma, Sung-Sik Lee) Z2 spin liquids in the higher spin-S Kitaev honeycomb model: An exact deconfined Z2 gauge structure in a non-integrable model (Han Ma)

20230418 Chirality and correlations in the spontaneous spin-valley polarization of rhombohedral multilayer graphene *** (Jeil Jung, Hongki Min) Effects of first- and second-order topological phases on the equilibrium crystal shapes *** (Shuichi Murakami) Electromagnetic response of superconductors in mean-field approximation (Chang-geun Oh, Haruki Watanabe) How Infrared Singularities Affect Nambu-Goldstone Bosons at Finite Temperatures Wilson-Fisher fixed points in presence of Dirac fermions ***** (Igor F. Herbut) Exploring critical systems under measurements and decoherence via Keldysh field theory *** (Ruochen Ma) Upper bounds on superconducting and excitonic phase-stiffness for interacting isolated narrow bands (Debanjan Chowdhury) Scaling law of the Hall coefficient in cuprates Symmetry Fractionalized (Irrationalized) Fusion Rules and Two Domain-Wall Verlinde Formulae Scrambling is Necessary but Not Sufficient for Chaos The worldline formalism in strong-field QED

20230419 Strong-randomness renormalization groups PT breaking and RG flows between multicritical Yang-Lee fixed points ***** Generating large disordered stealthy hyperuniform systems with ultra-high accuracy to determine their physical properties (Jaeuk Kim) Thermalization at Low Temperatures via Slowly-Driven Multi-Site Baths (Brian Swingle) Electromagnetic signatures of chiral quantum spin liquid

20230420 Signatures of Cooper pair dynamics and quantum-critical superconductivity in tunable carrier bands (Patrick A. Lee, Leonid S. Levitov) Quantum quench dynamics in the Luttinger liquid phase of the Hatano-Nelson model

20230421 Z2-Nontrivial Moir ́e Minibands and Interaction-Driven Quantum Anomalous Hall Insulators in Topological Insulator Based Moir ́e Heterostructures *** (Zhen Bi, B. Andrei Bernevig) Vison crystals, chiral and crystalline phases in the Yao-Lee model Critical properties of the Majorana chain with competing interactions A model of d-wave superconductivity, antiferromagnetism, and charge order on the square lattice ***** (Maine Christos, Zhu-Xi Luo, Henry Shackleton, Ya-Hui Zhang, Mathias S. Scheurer, Subir Sachdev)

20230424 Higher order topology in a band deformed Haldane model Random geometry at an infinite-randomness fixed point *** Gauging fractons and linearized gravity (Nicola Maggiore) Curie-law crossover in spin liquids A combined approach to analyze and classify families of classical spin liquids NONLOCAL LAGRANGIAN FORMALISM

20230425 Fractional quantum anomalous Hall states in twisted bilayer MoTe2 and WSe2 (Liang Fu) Half-quantum vortex generation in a two-component Bose-Einstein condensate by an oscillatory magnetic obstacle (Y. Shin) A Carrollian Orgin of Spacetime Subsystem Symmetry **** Spin-triplet superconductivity from quantum-geometry-induced ferromagnetic fluctuation *** (Akito Daido, Youichi Yanase) Fracton-elasticity duality on curved manifolds *** Quantum Spin Supersolid as a precursory Dirac Spin Liquid in a Triangular Lattice Antiferromagnet (Gang Chen) Coulomb drag and heat transfer in strange metals **** (Alex Kamenev) Diagrammatics for the Inverse Problem in Spin Systems and Simple Liquids Symmetry as a shadow of topological order and a derivation of topological holographic principle *** (Xiao-Gang Wen)

20230426 Bose-Einstein condensations of magnons in quantum magnets with spin-orbit coupling in a Zeeman field (Jinwu Ye) Unifying Emergent Hydrodynamics and Lindbladian Low Energy Spectra across Symmetries, Constraints, and Long-Range Interactions **** (Jong Yeon Lee) Weakly damped bosons and precursor gap in the vicinity of an antiferromagnetic metallic transition **** (Erez Berg)

20230427 Spin-polarons and ferromagnetism in doped dilute Wigner-Mott insulators ** (Leon Balents) Quantum many-body scars in spin models with multi-body interactions ** (Hosho Katsura) Continuous symmetry breaking in adaptive quantum dynamics ** (Sagar Vijay, Matthew P. A. Fisher) Quantum liquids of the S=3/2 Kitaev honeycomb and related Kugel-Khomskii models (J. Knolle) Density-matrix renormalization group: a pedagogical introduction ***** Fermionic skyrmions and bosonization for a Gross-Neveu transition ***** (Tarun Grover) Measurement in Quantum Field Theory

20230428 Giant caloric effects close to any critical end point U(1) quasi-hydrodynamics: Schwinger-Keldysh effective field theory and holography Algebras, Regions, and Observers ***** (Edward Witten) Quantum statistical mechanics of the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model and charged black holes ***** (Subir Sachdev)