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20230703 The Schwinger-Keldysh Coset Construction *** Unified theory of the nonlinear Schro ̈dinger equation *** Orbital-selective correlations for topology in FeSexTe1−x (Qimiao Si) Symmetric Mass Generation of K ̈ahler-Dirac Fermions from the Perspective of Symmetry-Protected Topological Phases ***** (Yuxuan Guo, Yi-Zhuang You) Perturbative QFT: off-shell fields, deformation quantization and causal perturbation theory

20230704 Low-energy tail of the spectral density for a particle interacting with a quantum phonon bath (Donghwan Kim, Bertrand I. Halperin) Tuning a magnetic energy scale with pressure in UTe2 **** (Johnpierre Paglione) Scaling of entanglement entropy at quantum critical points in random spin chains Solitonic symmetry as non-invertible symmetry: cohomology theories with TQFT coefficients *** Status of the Spurious Evidence for Photoinduced Superconductivity ***** Extended superconducting fluctuation region and 6e and 4e flux-quantization in a Kagome compound with a normal state of 3Q- order **** The Physics of Life: No such thing as a dumb question Emergence of Elastic Softening Featuring Ultra-Slow Dynamics Around Magnetic Critical Endpoint in UCoAl *** Extended dissipaton equation of motion for electronic open quantum systems: Application to the Kondo impurity model *** From Classical to Quantum Information Geometry: A Guide for Physicists ***** TASI lectures on Phase Transitions, Baryogenesis, and Gravitational Waves ***** Massless graviton in a model of quantum gravity with emergent spacetime ***** (Sung-Sik Lee)

20230706 Nontrivial worldline winding in non-Hermitian quantum systems ** Dynamic paramagnon-polarons in altermagnets **** (Rafael M. Fernandes, J ̈org Schmalian) Interpolating Between the Gauge and Schr ̈odinger Pictures of Quantum Dynamics *** (Kevin Slagle) Symmetry fractionalization, mixed-anomalies and dualities in quantum spin models with generalized symmetries (Apoorv Tiwari) Dramatic elastic response near the critical end point of the itinerant metamagnets Josephson diode effects in twisted nodal superconductors (J. H. Pixley, Marcel Franz) Electronic structure of biased alternating-twist multilayer graphene (Jiseon Shin, Jeil Jung, Hongki Min) Solitonic symmetry beyond homotopy: Invertibility from bordism and noninvertibility from topological quantum field theory **** Measurement-induced phases of matter require feedback ***** (Aaron J. Friedman, Oliver Hart, Rahul Nandkishore) Locality and error correction in quantum dynamics with measurement ***** (Aaron J. Friedman, Andrew Lucas) LHC Experiments ***

20230707 Lecture Notes for the 2023 Condensed Matter Summer School: Introduction to random unitary circuits and the measurement-induced entanglement phase transition *** String operators for Cheshire strings in topological phases *** (Xie Chen) Engineering non-Hermitian Second Order Topological Insulator in Quasicrystals ** Fixed-point tensor is a four-point function Large Deviations Theory Beyond the Kibble-Zurek Mechanism Biorthogonal dynamical quantum phase transitions in non-Hermitian systems *** Quantum criticality on a compressible lattice ***** Holographic models of non-Fermi liquid metals revisited: an effective field theory approach ***** (Dominic V. Else) Majorana chain and Ising model – (non-invertible) translations, anomalies, and emanant symmetries ***** (Nathan Seiberg, Shu-Heng Shao) Postmodern Fermi Liquids ***** (Umang Mehta) Deconfined quantum criticality lost ***** (Lukas Janssen, Michael M. Scherer, Zi Yang Meng) Deconfined quantum critical points: a review ***** (T. Senthil) Defects in Graphene : A Topological Description ***** Emergent Quantum Mechanics at the Boundary of a Local Classical Lattice Model ***** (Kevin Slagle, John Preskill) Exact effective action for the O(N) vector model in the large N limit ***** (Han Ma, Sung-Sik Lee) A Review on Octupolar Tensors INTRODUCTION TO TOPOLOGICAL SYMMETRY IN QFT ***** (DANIEL S. FREED)

20230710 Spinor bosons realization of the SU(3) Haldane phase with adjoint representation The PointGroupNRG code for numerical renormalization group calculations with discrete point-group symmetries Neural Network Field Theories: Non-Gaussianity, Actions, and Locality **** Superconformal indices for non-Lagrangian theories in five dimensions ***

20230711 Geometric Phases in Open Quantum Systems: Analysis and Applications Quantum techniques for eigenvalue problems Phase transitions in sampling and error correction in local Brownian circuits (Shao-Kai Jian) Aufbau Principle for Non-Hermitian Systems Deep thermalization in constrained quantum systems Integrability from categorification Holographic Gubser-Rocha model does not capture all the transport anomalies of strange metals

20230712 Wiedemann-Franz law in graphene in the presence of a weak magnetic field *** (Sankar Das Sarma) The φ4 lattice model with cubic symmetry in three dimensions: RG-flow and first order phase transitions Phases of (2+1)D SO(5) non-linear sigma model with a topological term on a sphere: multicritical point and disorder phase *** (Bin-Bin Chen, Xu Zhang, Yuxuan Wang, Kai Sun, Zi Yang Meng) Many-Body Bound States in the Continuum *** (Shoki Sugimoto, Yuto Ashida, Masahito Ueda) Generalized Hall current on a finite lattice **** Intrinsically/Purely Gapless-SPT from Non-Invertible Duality Transformations **** (Masaki Oshikawa) Graphene is neither Relativistic nor Non-Relativistic case: Thermodynamics Aspects Fractonic Higher-Order Topological Phases in Open Quantum Systems **** (Zhen Bi) Nematic phases and elastoresistivity from a multiorbital non-Fermi liquid (Andrew Hardy, Arun Paramekanti) AN ABSTRACT FORMULATION OF THE FLAT BAND CONDITION **

20230713 An exactly solvable dissipative spin liquid *** (Mathias S. Scheurer) Mott insulators in moiré transition metal dichalcogenides at fractional fillings: Slave-rotor mean-field theory (Leon Balents) Kondo lattice model in magic-angle twisted bilayer graphene ***** (Yang-Zhi Chou, Sankar Das Sarma) Exact Quantum Algorithms for Quantum Phase Recognition: Renormalization Group and Error Correction ****** (Ethan Lake, Shankar Balasubramanian, Soonwon Choi) Boundary conditions and anomalies of conformal field theories in 1+1 dimensions *** (Linhao Li, Chang-Tse Hsieh, Yuan Yao, Masaki Oshikawa)

20230714 Emergent Supersymmetry at Large N *** Building crystalline topological superconductors from Shiba lattices *** (Titus Neupert) Kramers’ degenerate magnetism and superconductivity **** (Daniel F. Agterberg) A no-go result for implementing chiral symmetries by locality-preserving unitaries in a 3-dimensional Hamiltonian lattice model of fermions **** (Lukasz Fidkowski, Cenke Xu) Collisionless dynamics of general non-Fermi liquids from hydrodynamics of emergent conserved quantities **** (Dominic V. Else) Multi-criticality and field induced non-BEC transitions in frustrated magnets **** (Shouvik Sur1, Andriy H. Nevidomskyy)

20230717 Rigorous Wilsonian Renormalization Group for impurity models with a spectral gap *** Spin-Driven Stationary Turbulence in Spinor Bose-Einstein Condensates *** (Seji Kang, Y. Shin)

20230718 WHAT IS AN ANOMALY? ***** Emergent electric field from magnetic resonances in a one-dimensional chiral magnet (Yukitoshi Motome) Avalanche Instability as Nonequilibrium Quantum Criticality *** (Jong E. Han) Phases and Exotic Phase Transitions of a Two-Dimensional Su-Schrieffer-Heeger Model (Fakher F. Assaad) Generating function for projected entangled-pair states *** (Hyun-Yong Lee) Test for BCS-BEC Crossover in the Cuprate Superconductors Strong-Field Physics in QED and QCD: From Fundamentals to Applications **** Lectures on Generalized Symmetries **** Ultraviolet Complete Quantum Field Theory and Particle Model

20230719 Dynamical localization transition in the non-Hermitian Z2 gauge theory Superfluid phase transition of nanoscale-confined helium-3 **** (Igor Boettcher) Metallic quantum criticality enabled by flat bands in a kagome lattice ***** (Shouvik Sur, Haoyu Hu, Silke Paschen, Jennifer Cano, Qimiao Si) Exotic quantum liquids in Bose-Hubbard models with spatially-modulated symmetries *** (Yizhi You, Olexei Motrunich) Renormalization Group-Motivated Learning Lecture Notes on Generalized Symmetries and Applications ***** Complex fixed points of the non-Hermitian Kondo model in a Luttinger liquid ****** (SangEun Han, Daniel J. Schultz, Yong Baek Kim)

20230720 Impurity screening by defects in (1+1)d quantum critical systems ** (Meng Cheng) Electrons in helical magnetic field: a new class of topological metals Hyperbolic non-Abelian semimetal *** (Titus Neupert, Joseph Maciejko) Exact hole-induced SU(N) flavor-singlets in certain U = ∞ SU(N) Hubbard models **** (Kyung-Su Kim, Hosho Katsura) Dynamical Onset of Light-Induced Unconventional Superconductivity – a Yukawa-Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev study ***** Lieb-Schultz-Mattis theorem for 1d quantum magnets with antiunitary translation and inversion symmetries ***** (Yuan Yao, Linhao Li, Masaki Oshikawa, Chang-Tse Hsieh)

20230721 Spin Space Groups: Full Classification and Applications *** Enumeration of spin-space groups: Towards a complete description of symmetries of magnetic orders *** (Chen Fang) Random insights into the complexity of two-dimensional tensor network calculations *** (Timothy H. Hsieh, Andrew C. Potter, Romain Vasseur) Quantum computation from dynamic automorphism codes **** Real-frequency quantum field theory applied to the single-impurity Anderson model **** (Jan von Delft) Magnetization amplification in the interlayer pairing superconductor 4Hb-TaS2 **** (Chunxiao Liu, Shubhayu Chatterjee, Thomas Scaffidi, Erez Berg, Ehud Altman) ChatGPT Chemistry Assistant for Text Mining and Prediction of MOF Synthesis Sublattice Interference promotes Pair Density Wave order in Kagome Metals ***** (Yi-Ming Wu, Ronny Thomale, S. Raghu) Quantum Criticality Enabled by Intertwined Degrees of Freedom *****(Chia-Chuan Liu, Silke Paschen, Qimiao Si)

20230724 Interaction-mitigated Landau damping *** (Roderich Moessner, Debanjan Chowdhury) Stochastic pole expansion method *** Optical transitions of a single nodal ring in SrAs3: radially and axially resolved characterization (Jun Sung Kim, Hongki Min) Probing dynamics of a two-dimensional dipolar spin ensemble using single qubit sensor *** (Soonwon Choi, Mikhail D. Lukin, Alexander O. Sushkov) Massless graviton in a model of quantum gravity with emergent spacetime ***** (Sung-Sik Lee)

20230725 Complex magnetic and spatial symmetry breaking from correlations in kagome flat bands ***** (Yu-Ping Lin, Chunxiao Liu, Joel E. Moore) Quantum Geometry and Landau Levels of Quadratic Band Crossings **** (Junseo Jung, Hyeongmuk Lim, Bohm-Jung Yang) Green’s Function Zeros in Fermi Surface Symmetric Mass Generation ***** (Da-Chuan Lu, Meng Zeng, Yi-Zhuang You) Quantum Duality in Electromagnetism and the Fine-Structure Constant Fragmented superconductivity in the Hubbard model as solitons in Ginzburg-Landau theory Magnetism and topological property in icosahedral quasicrystal **** Magnetism and superconductivity in doped triangular-lattice Mott insulators (Kun Woo Kim) Unconventional quantum criticality in a non-Hermitian extended Kitaev chain Spin-Peierls instability of the U(1) Dirac spin liquid (Frank Pollmann, Johannes Knolle) Edge Theories for Anyon Condensation Phase Transitions The Spin Point Groups and their Representations (Paul McClarty) Action for classical, quantum, closed and open systems ** S-Matrix Path Integral Approach to Symmetries and Soft Theorems (Seolhwa Kim) The First Room-Temperature Ambient-Pressure Superconductor (Hmm…?) Superconductor Pb10-xCux(PO4)6O showing levitation at room temperature and atmospheric pressure and mechanism (Hmmm…?)

20230726 Charge and Entanglement Criticality in a U(1)-Symmetric Hybrid Circuit of Qubits (Justin H. Wilson, J. H. Pixley) Supersymmetry on the honeycomb lattice: resonating charge stripes, superfrustration, and domain walls (S.A. Parameswaran) Superconductivity in twisted bilayer graphene: possible pairing symmetries, impurity-induced states and Chern number *** Competing phases and intertwined orders in coupled wires near the self-dual point *** (Kun Yang) Graviton propagators in AdS beyond GR: heat kernel approach ****

20230727 Topological Insulators ** A stable, critical phase induced by Berry phase and dissipation in a spin-chain **** (Tarun Grover) Randomized higher-order tensor renormalization group Effective-Hamiltonian theory: An approximation to the equilibrium state of open quantum systems Deconfined pseudocriticality in a model spin-1 quantum antiferromagnet Unconventional spin transport in strongly correlated kagome systems (Frank Pollmann, Michael Knap) Criteria and analytical results for the Pseudogap at the Van Hove point in two dimensions Fractionalization in Fractional Correlated Insulating States at n ± 1/3 filled twisted bilayer graphene (Eun-Ah Kim) Breakdown of the Meissner effect at the zero exceptional point in non-Hermitian two-band BCS model A primer on Higgs Effective Field Theory with Geometry

20230728 Eigenenergy braids in 2D photonic crystals *** (Shanhui Fan) Spectroscopy and topological properties of a Haldane light system (Karyn Le Hur) Views on gravity from condensed matter physics ***** (G.E. Volovik) Supersymmetric conformal field theories from quantum stabilizer codes *** Preparation of Entangled Many-Body States with Machine Learning ***** (Donggyu Kim, Eun-Gook Moon) Reappearance of Thermalization Dynamics in the Late-Time Spectral Form Factor *** (Brian Swingle) Frustration-Induced Superconductivity in the t-t′ Hubbard Model (Jan von Delft) High-temperature superconductivity with zero-resistance and strange metal behaviour in La3Ni2O7 *** Interlayer coupling driven high-temperature superconductivity in La3Ni2O7 under pressure *** Quantum Phase Transition of Organic Spin Liquid Tuned by Mixing Counterions *** Quantum criticality under decoherence or weak measurement ***** (Jong Yeon Lee, Chao-Ming Jian, Cenke Xu) Multiband mean-field theory of the d + ig superconductivity scenario in Sr2 RuO4 *** (Andrew C. Yuan, Erez Berg, Steven A. Kivelson)

20230731 Nematic metal in a multi-valley electron gas: Variational Monte Carlo analysis and application to AlAs (Steven A. Kivelson, Erez Berg) Engineering entanglement geometry via spacetime-modulated measurements *** (Xiao-Liang Qi) Restoring permutational invariance in the Jordan-Wigner transformation Type II t-J model and shared antiferromagnetic spin coupling from Hund’s rule in superconducting La3Ni2O7 **** (Hanbit Oh, Ya-Hui Zhang) Crossover from Non-Fermi-Liquid to Pseudogap Behavior in the Spectral of Local Impurity in Power-Law Diverging Multichannel Kondo Model *****