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20230801 Emergence of stable meron quartets in twisted magnets **** (Kyoung-Min, Kim, Gyungchoon, Go, Moon Jip, Park, Se Kwon, Kim) Topological n-root Su-Schrieffer-Heeger model in a non-Hermitian photonic ring system ** Electron correlations and superconductivity in La3Ni2O7 under pressure *** (Qimiao Si) Ancilla wavefunctions of Mott insulator and pseudogap metal through quantum teleportation *** (Boran Zhou, Ya-Hui Zhang) Spin-Frame Field Theory of a Three-Sublattice Antiferromagnet ** (Oleg Tchernyshyov) Relating non-Hermitian and Hermitian quantum systems at criticality **** (Chang-Tse Hsieh1, Po-Yao Chang) Correlation between phase stiffness and condensation energy across the non-Fermi to Fermi-liquid crossover in the Yukawa-Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model on a lattice ***** (J. Schmalian) A symmetry algebra in double-scaled SYK ***** (Douglas Stanford) Orbifolds of topological quantum field theories *** Semiconducting transport in Pb10-xCux(PO4)6O sintered from Pb2SO5 and Cu3P(Hmmm…) Synthesis of possible room temperature superconductor LK-99: Pb9Cu(PO4)6O (Hmmm…) Origin of correlated isolated flat bands in copper-substituted lead phosphate apatite (Hmmm…) First-principles study on the electronic structure of Pb10−xCux(PO4)6O (x=0, 1)(Hmmm…)

20230802 Diverse universality classes of the topological deconfinement transitions of three-dimensional noncompact lattice Abelian-Higgs models (Ettore Vicari) No Strings Attached: Boundaries and Defects in the Cubic Code ***** Overview of superconductivity in field-cooled magnetic materials ***** Lee-Yang zeros at O(3) and deconfined quantum critical points ***** LECTURES ON QUANTUM GROUPS AND YANG-BAXTER EQUATIONS *** Bose-Einstein condensation and the Simplified Approach to interacting Bosons **** Electronic structure of the putative room-temperature superconductor Pb9Cu(PO4)6O Pb-apatite framework as a generator of novel flat-band CuO based physics, including possible room temperature superconductivity

20230803 Quadratic Dirac fermions and the competition of ordered states in twisted bilayer graphene ***** (Mathias S. Scheurer, Harley D. Scammell) Strong-coupling phases of trions and excitons in electron-hole bilayers at commensurate densities (Liang Fu) CFT and Lattice Correlators Near an RG Domain Wall between Minimal Models Loop diagrams in the kinetic theory of waves Quantum Reservoir Probing of Quantum Information Scrambling *** (Yukitoshi Motome) Jordan Decomposition of Non-Hermitian Fermionic Quadratic Forms **** (Hosho Katsura) What’s Done Cannot Be Undone: TASI Lectures on Non-Invertible Symmetry **** (Shu-Heng Shao) Lieb-Schultz-Mattis anomalies and web of dualities induced by gauging in quantum spin chains *** (Ömer M. Aksoy, Christopher Mudry, Akira Furusaki, Apoorv Tiwari) Manipulating Topological Quantum Phase Transitions of Kitaev’s Quantum Spin Liquids with Electric Fields **** (Pureum Noh, Kyusung Hwang, Eun-Gook Moon) Scalar-Fermion Fixed Points in the ε Expansion Non-Invertible Symmetry Webs (Apoorv Tiwari) Unifying Constructions of Non-Invertible Symmetries (Apoorv Tiwari) Variational Neural-Network Ansatz for Continuum Quantum Field Theory ** String Field Theory **** Theoretical insight on the LK-99 material (Hmmm…) Minimal model for the flat bands in copper-substituted lead phosphate apatite ***** (Omid Tavakol, Thomas Scaffidi) (Hmmm…)

20230804 Measurement-Induced Criticality is Tomographically Optimal ***** (Yi-Zhuang You) Solving Conformal Defects in 3D Conformal Field Theory using Fuzzy Sphere Regularization *** (Liangdong Hu, Yin-Chen He, W. Zhu) Successful growth and room temperature ambient-pressure magnetic levitation of LK-99(Hmmm…) Some remarks on possible superconductivity of composition Pb9CuP6O25(Hmmm…)

20230807 Spin pumping effect in non-Fermi liquid metals **** Isolated Majorana mode in a quantum computer from a duality twist *** (Aditi Mitra) The correlated insulators of magic angle twisted bilayer graphene at zero and one quantum of magnetic flux: a tight-binding study ** Disorder-Induced Phase Transitions in Three-Dimensional Chiral Second-Order Topological Insulator Classical derivation of Bose-Einstein statistics Semi-classical theory of bipolaronic superconductivity in a bond-modulated electron-phonon model **** (Kyung-Su Kim, Zhaoyu Han, John Sous) Unconventional Metallic Ferromagnetism: Non-Analyticity and Sign-Changing Behavior of Orbital Magnetization in Rhombohedral Trilayer Graphene Effect of thermal fluctuations on the nontrivial topology of the d + id superconducting phase Beyond Kitaev physics in strong spin-orbit coupled magnets ***** (Natalia B. Perkins, Hae-Young Kee) Large N theory of critical Fermi surfaces III: Cyclotron Resonance and Quantum Oscillation ***** (Haoyu Guo, Subir Sachdev, Aavishkar A. Patel) S-wave pairing in a two-orbital t-J model on triangular lattice: possible application to Pb10−x Cux (PO4 )6 O ***** (Hanbit Oh, Ya-Hui Zhang)

20230808 Systematic compactification of the (multi) two-channel Kondo model. I. Consistent bosonization-debosonization approach and exact comparisons ***** Systematic compactification of the (multi) two-channel Kondo model. II. Comparative study of scaling and universality ***** Systematic compactification of the (multi) two-channel Kondo model. III. Extended field-theoretic renormalization group analysis ***** Non-Fermi Liquid Behavior of the t-J Model in the Strange Metal Phase: U(1) Gauge Theory with Local Constraints **** Magic Angles and Fractional Chern Insulators in Twisted Homobilayer TMDs (Allan H. MacDonald) Supersymmetry Breaking in a Generalized Nicolai Model with Fermion Pairing *** Anomalies in fluid dynamics: flows in a chiral background via variational principle **** (A.G. Abanov, P.B. Wiegmann) Tight-binding models for SG 143 (P3) and application to recent DFT results on copper-doped lead apatite Ferromagnetic half levitation of LK-99-like synthetic samples **** Absence of superconductivity in LK-99 at ambient conditions Possible ferroic properties of copper-substituted lead phosphate apatite Minimal model for the flat bands in copper-substituted lead phosphate apatite (Omid Tavakol, Thomas Scaffidi)

20230809 Edge states of 2D time-reversal-invariant topological superconductors with strong interactions and disorder: A view from the lattice **** (Jun Ho Son, Jason Alicea, Olexei I. Motrunich) Measurement induced criticality in quasiperiodic modulated random hybrid circuits *** (J. H. Pixley) Emergence of nodal Bogoliubov quasiparticles across the transition from the pseudogap metal to the d-wave superconductor ***** (Maine Christos, Subir Sachdev) Classification and emergence of quantum spin liquids in chiral Rydberg models Structural, electronic, magnetic properties of Cu-doped lead-apatite Pb10−xCux(PO4)6O Pb10−xCux(PO4)6O: a Mott or charge transfer insulator in need of further doping for (super)conductivity First order transition in Pb10-xCux(PO4)6O (0.9<x<1.1) containing Cu2S

20230810 Landau Theory of Altermagnetism (Paul A. McClarty, Jeffrey G. Rau) Phase transitions and bunching of correlated particles in a non-Hermitian quasi crystal (Stefano Longhi) Review cuprates – Anderson’s unhappy electrons and their fate Gapped Interfaces in Fracton Models and Foliated Fields (Po-Shen Hsin, Zhu-Xi Luo, Ananth Malladi) Observation of abnormal resistance-temperature behavior along with diamagnetic transition in Pb10-xCux(PO4)6O-based composite ** Correlated electronic structure of Pb10−xCux(PO4)6O Effective model for Pb9Cu(PO4)6O (Patrick A. Lee, Zhehao Dai)

20230811 The Fracton quantum gas Fermi liquid-like behaviour of cuprates in the pseudogap phase simulated via T-dependent electron-boson spectral density Planckian behavior of cuprates at the pseudogap critical point simulated via flat electron-boson spectral density Bosonic spectrum of a correlated multiband system, BaFe1.80Co0.20As2, obtained via infrared spectroscopy Lieb-Schultz-Mattis anomalies as obstructions to gauging (non-on-site) symmetries **** Universal conductivity at a 2d superconductor-insulator transition: the effects of quenched disorder and Coulomb interaction ***** Emergent generalized symmetries in ordered phases ***** (Salvatore D. Pace) 2D Fractons from Gauging Exponential Symmetries **** (Guilherme Delfino, Claudio Chamon, Yizhi You) Large p SYK from chord diagrams *** Localization control born of intertwined quasiperiodicity and non-Hermiticity (Junmo Jeon, SungBin Lee) INVERTIBLE SUBALGEBRAS ***** (JEONGWAN HAAH) Phase transition of copper (I) sulfide and its implication for purported superconductivity of LK-99 **** Pb9Cu(PO4)6(OH)2: Phonon bands, Localized Flat Band Magnetism, Models, and Chemical Analysis ***** (B. Andrei Bernevig)

20230814 Delicate Topology of Luttinger Semimetal Emergent inductance from spin fluctuations in strongly correlated magnets **** (Taekoo Oh, Naoto Nagaosa) Thermodynamic perspective on quantum fluctuations Current percolation model for the special resistivity behavior observed in Cu-doped Apatite High-temperature superconductivity induced by the Su-Schrieffer-Heeger electron-phonon coupling **** (Hong Yao) Transport anomalies in multiband superconductors near quantum critical point Large N theory of critical Fermi surfaces III: Cyclotron Resonance and Quantum Oscillation ***** (Haoyu Guo, Subir Sachdev, Aavishkar A. Patel) Phonon Thermal Hall Effect in a non-Kramers Paramagnet **** (Haoyu Guo) Single crystal synthesis, structure, and magnetism of Pb10−xCux(PO4)6O ***** (B. Keimer) Quantum impurity model for two-stage multipolar ordering and Fermi surface reconstruction ****** (Daniel J. Schultz, SangEun Han, Yong Baek Kim) Bosonization of Non-Fermi Liquids ****** (SangEun Han, F ́elix Desrochers, Yong Baek Kim)

20230815 Gauge field fluctuation corrected QED3 effective action by fermionic particle-vortex duality Angle-Resolved Pair Photoemission Theory for Correlated Electrons ***** Spin-Peierls instability of the U(1) Dirac spin liquid (Frank Pollmann, Johannes Knolle) Universality of the cross entropy in Z2 symmetric monitored quantum circuits Maria Tikhanovskaya,1, 2 Ali Lavasani,2 Matthew P. A. Fisher,3 and Sagar Vijay Nobel Lecture: Multiple equilibria **** (Giorgio Parisi)

20230816 Cu-substituted lead phosphate apatite as an inversion-asymmetric Weyl semimetal *** (Marcel Franz) Shaping electronic flows with strongly correlated physics Classical Non-Relativistic Fractons (S.L. Sondhi) Disorder Operator and R ́enyi Entanglement Entropy of Symmetric Mass Generation ***** (Chao-Ming Jian, Yi-Zhuang You, Fakher F. Assaad, Zi Yang Meng, Cenke Xu) The Fracton quantum gas Phases and magnetism at microscale in compounds containing nominal Pb10-xCux(PO4)6O ** Transport signatures of Bogoliubov Fermi surfaces in normal metal/time-reversal symmetry broken d-wave superconductor junctions An effective field theory for non-maximal quantum chaos ***** (Hong Liu)

20230817 Vortex detection in atomic Bose–Einstein condensates using neural networks trained on synthetic images (Yong-il. Shin) Quantum geometry in superfluidity and superconductivity Detecting a long lived false vacuum with quantum quenches (Frank Wilczek) Quantum computing for chemistry and physics applications from a Monte Carlo perspective Lindblad master equation approach to the dissipative quench dynamics of planar superconductors Dissipation driven dynamical topological phase transitions in two-dimensional superconductors Phase Stability of Lead Phosphate Apatite Pb10−xCux(PO4)6O, Pb10−xCux(PO4)6(OH)2, and Pb8Cu2(PO4)6 Dimensional Transmutation from Non-Hermiticity (Ching Hua Lee) Benchmarking quantum simulators using ergodic quantum dynamics **** (Daniel K. Mark, Joonhee Choi, Adam L. Shaw, Manuel Endres, Soonwon Choi) Probabilistic deconstruction of a theory of gravity, Part I: flat space (S. Josephine Suh)

20230821 Critical enhancement of the spin Hall effect by spin fluctuations (Naoto Nagaosa) U(1) Defects on Domain Lines (Mikhail Shifman) Stacked tree construction for free-fermion projected entangled pair states (Hoi Chun Po) Non-Abelian quantum Hall states in multi-layer rhombohedral stacked graphene (Xiao-Gang Wen) On the dynamical kernels of fermionic equations of motion in strongly-correlated media Confinement in 1+1D Z2 Lattice Gauge Theories at Finite Temperature ** Classification of modular data up to rank 11 (Xiao-Gang Wen) Pair density wave superconductivity: a microscopic model in two dimensions *** (Hong Yao) Effective Action for Dissipative and Nonholonomic Systems *** Robust Fermi liquid instabilities in sign problem-free models *** (Erez Berg)

20230822 Fermi Surface Spin Texture and Topological Superconductivity in Spin-Orbit Free Non-Collinear Antiferromagnets **** (Seung Hun Lee, Bohm-Jung Yang) Two-fluid theory of composite bosons and fermions and the quantum Hall proximity effect **** (Zhaoyu Han, Kyung-Su Kim, Steven A. Kivelson) Phase transitions out of quantum Hall states in moiré TMD bilayers ***** (Xue-Yang Song, Ya-Hui Zhang, T. Senthil) Toward a global phase diagram of the fractional quantum anomalous Hall effect (Liang Fu) Displacement-field-tunable superconductivity in an inversion-symmetric twisted van der Waals heterostructure (Mathias S. Scheurer) Entanglement structure in quantum many-body systems, field theories, and holography ***** Lorentz-Invariant Interactions in Honeycomb Lattice with Hubbard Interaction Non-Fermi Liquid Behavior of the t-J Model in the Strange Metal Phase: U(1) Gauge Theory with Local Constraints *** Absence of inhomogeneous chiral phases in (2 + 1)-dimensional four-fermion and Yukawa models **** Quantum statistical mechanics of the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model and strange metals ***** (Subir Sachdev) Emergent generalized symmetries in ordered phases *** (Salvatore D. Pace)

20230823 Superconductivity from Doping Symmetric Mass Generation Insulators: Application to La3Ni2O7 under Pressure **** (Da-Chuan Lu, Miao Li, Zhao-Yi Zeng, Wanda Hou, Juven Wang, Fan Yang, Yi-Zhuang You) Superconductivity in a Topological Lattice Model with Strong Repulsion *** (Ashvin Vishwanath, Shubhayu Chatterjee, Norman Y. Yao, Michael P. Zaletel) A Deep Dive into the Connections Between the Renormalization Group and Deep Learning in the Ising Model On Polymer Statistical Mechanics: From Gaussian Distribution to Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution to Fermi-Dirac Distribution Nonanalytic Corrections to the Landau Diamagnetic Susceptibility ***** (Andrey V. Chubukov) How to identify and characterize strongly correlated topological semimetals ***** (Silke Paschen) Pair density wave, unconventional superconductivity, and non-Fermi liquid quantum critical phase in frustrated Kondo lattice Pressure driven screening of Ni spin results in cuprate-like high-Tc superconductivity in La3Ni2O7 (Wei Ku) Dynamic paramagnon-polarons in altermagnets (Rafael M. Fernandes, J ̈org Schmalian) Heisenberg-limited metrology with perturbing interactions ** (Andrew Lucas)

20230824 Anomalies of Non-Invertible Symmetries in (3+1)d (Clay Co ́rdova, Po-Shen Hsin, Carolyn Zhang) Anomalies of non-invertible self-duality symmetries: fractionalization and gauging Mixed-State Quantum Spin Liquids and Dynamical Anyon Condensations in Kitaev Lindbladians (Kyusung Hwang) Quantum noise spectroscopy of dynamical critical phenomena (Eugene A. Demler, Norman Y. Yao, Shubhayu Chatterjee)

20230825 Tunable quantum criticality in multi-component Rydberg arrays Absence of SO(4) quantum criticality in Dirac semimetals at two-loop order ***** (Max Uetrecht, Igor F. Herbut, Emmanuel Stamou, Michael M. Scherer) Average Symmetry-Protected Topological Phases **** (Ruochen Ma, Chong Wang) An electronic band sculpted by oxygen vacancies and indispensable for dilute superconductivity **** (Hyeok Yoon, Harold Y. Hwang)

20230828 Emergent Z2 symmetry near a CDW multicritical point ***** (Steven A. Kivelson, Akshat Pandey, Anisha G. Singh, Aharon Kapitulnik, Ian R. Fisher) Long range SYK model and boundary SYK model *** Anomaly Enforced Gaplessness and Symmetry Fractionalization for SpinG Symmetries ZN lattice gauge theories with matter fields **** (Elio J. K ̈onig) Robust Luttinger liquid state of 1D Dirac fermions in a van der Waals system Nb9Si4Te18 (Han Woong Yeom) Stability of topological superconducting qubits with number conservation *** (Matthew F. Lapa, Michael Levin) Geometric and conventional contributions to superfluid weight in the minimal models for superconducting copper-doped lead apatite

20230829 Nematic order in topological SYK models ***** (Andrew Hardy, Anjishnu Bose, Arun Paramekanti) Hellmann Feynman Theorem in Non-Hermitian system *** Renormalization of many-body effective field theory *** A Ward identity preserving approach for investigation of phonon spectrum with self-energy and vertex corrections *** The Schro ̈dinger Representation and 3d Gauge Theories ***** (V.P. Nair) Carrollian conformal fields and flat holography (Peter West) U(1) quasi-hydrodynamics: Schwinger-Keldysh effective field theory and holography Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spacetime

20230830 Theory of liquids: From Excitations to Thermodynamics ** Nonequilibrium glass transitions in the spherical p-spin model with antisymmetric interactions *** Symmetry-protected flatband conditions for Hamiltonians with local symmetry (Jung-Wan Ryu, Alexei Andreanov, Hee Chul Park, Jae-Ho Han) On the Renormalisation group, protein folding, and naturalness QCMATH: Mathematica modules for electronic structure calculations ***** Symmetry of Open Quantum Systems: Classification of Dissipative Quantum Chaos ***** (Shinsei Ryu) Tensor Renormalization Group at Low Temperatures: Discontinuity Fixed Point ***** Spin-Resolved Topology and Partial Axion Angles in Three-Dimensional Insulators (Yoonseok Hwang, Barry Bradlyn) Illposedness for dispersive equations: Degenerate dispersion and Takeuchi–Mizohata condition (In-Jee Jeong, Sung-Jin Oh)

20230831 Probing quantum spin liquids with a quantum twisting microscope *** (Patrick A. Lee, Gil Refael) Universal chaotic dynamics from Krylov space ***** (Johanna Erdmenger, Shao-Kai Jian, Zhuo-Yu Xian) Inelastic decay from integrability *** Polariton-Induced Unconventional Superconductivity and Emergent SU(2) Symmetry in Moir ́e flat bands (Kai Sun) Coherent exchange-coupled nonlocal Kondo impurities ** Remarks on Berry Connection in QFT, Anomalies, and Applications ***** Uncertainty relation for non-Hermitian operators ***