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20230901 Localizing Transitions via Interaction-Induced Flat Bands *** (Victor Galitski) Yukawa-Lorentz Symmetry in Non-Hermitian Dirac Materials ***** (Vladimir Juriˇci ́c, Bitan Roy) Reentrant phase behavior in systems with density-induced tunneling Sequential quantum simulation of spin chains with a single circuit QED device *** (Yuxuan Zhang, S. Shankar, Andrew C. Potter) Bethe ansatz inside Calogero–Sutherland models *** General Formula for the Green’s Function Approach to the Spin-1/2 Antiferromagnetic Heisenberg Model Schwinger boson symmetric spin liquids of Shastry-Sutherland model My friend Alex Müller Post-experiment coincidence counting method for coincidence detection techniques Variational Monte Carlo Study of Symmetric Mass Generation in a Bilayer Honeycomb Lattice Model *** (Yi-Zhuang You)