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20231002 A Long Exact Sequence in Symmetry Breaking: order parameter constraints, defect anomaly-matching, and higher Berry phases (Ryan Thorngren) Broken Symmetry and Fractionalized Flux Strings in a Staggered U(1) Pure Gauge Theory

20231003 Spin-orbit enabled unconventional Stoner magnetism (Yue Yu, Tatsuya Shishidou, Shuntaro Sumita, Michael Weinert, Daniel F. Agterberg) Solvable models for 2+1D quantum critical points: Loop soups of 1+1D conformal field theories (Thomas Scaffidi) Kinematically constrained vortex dynamics in charge density waves (Marvin Qi, Andrew Lucas) Possible Realization of Kitaev Spin Liquids in van der Waals Heterostructures of α-RuCl3 and CrX3 (X=Cl and I) (Yukitoshi Motome) Optical conductivity and damping of plasmons due to electron-electron interaction (Dmitrii L. Maslov) Holographic models of non-Fermi liquid metals revisited: an effective field theory approach ***** (Dominic V. Else) Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spacetime Fudan lectures on string theory ****

20231004 Symmetry-based classification of exact flat bands in single and bilayer moiré systems (Kai Sun) Resummation-based Quantum Monte Carlo for Entanglement Entropy Computation (Zi Yang Meng) Symmetry TFT for Subsystem Symmetry Pseudogap phases, chiral anomaly and topological order with quantum loop entanglement Berry’s phase and quantum mechanical formulation of anomalous Hall effect (Kazuo Fujikawa) H-theorem do-conjecture

20231005 Electric and thermoelectric response for Weyl and multi-Weyl semimetals in planar Hall configurations including the effects of strain (Ipsita Mandal) Locality bounds for quantum dynamics at low energy (Andrew Lucas) Disordered quantum critical fixed points from holography *** (Subir Sachdev, Andrew Lucas)

20231006 Topological Density Correlations in a Fermi Gas **** (Pok Man Tam, Charles L. Kane) Group-theoretic error mitigation enabled by classical shadows and symmetries

20231009 Searching for a partially absorbing target by a run-and-tumble particle in a confined space (Euijin Jeon, Yong Woon Kim) Gapped Phases with Non-Invertible Symmetries: (1+1)d Mobile Impurity in a Two-Leg Bosonic Ladder (Thierry Giamarchi) Twisted Coupled Wire Model for moire ́ Sliding Luttinger Liquid Emergence of curved momentum-spacetime and its effect on the cyclotron motion in the antiferromagnetic quantum critical metal **** (Sung-Sik Lee) The Ginzburg-Landau theory of flat band superconductors with quantum metric

20231010 Griffiths-type theorems for short-range spin glass models (Hal Tasaki) Observable signatures of Hall viscosity in lowest Landau level superfluids *** (Seth Musser, Hart Goldman, T. Senthil) Stability of fractional Chern insulators with a non-Landau level continuum limit (Michael Zaletel) The interplay of phase fluctuations and nodal quasiparticles: ubiquitous Fermi arcs in two-dimensional d-wave superconductors (Yang Qi) An exact method for bosonizing the Fermi surface in arbitrary dimensions ***** (Takamori Park, Leon Balents) 2+1D symmetry-topological-order from local symmetric operators in 1+1D (Xiao-Gang Wen)

20231011 Pair-breaking scattering interference as a mechanism for superconducting gap modulation *** (Yu-Ping Lin, Dung-Hai Lee) The shear viscosity of interacting graphene Foliated BF theories and Multipole symmetries Monopoles in Dirac spin liquids and their symmetries from instanton calculus **** (Joseph Maciejko) Fermi liquids beyond the forward scattering limit: the role of non-forward scatterings for scale invariance and instabilities ***** (Han Ma, Sung-Sik Lee)

20231012 Dynamics of vacancy-induced modes in the non-Abelian Kitaev spin liquid (Natalia B. Perkins) Symmetry-enforced many-body separability transitions (Yu-Hsueh Chen, Tarun Grover) Field theory for the dynamics of the open O(N) model Critical properties of three-dimensional many-flavour QEDs *** Comparing numerical methods for hydrodynamics in a 1D lattice model (Jay D. Sau, Christopher David White) Anomalous quasiparticle lifetime in geometric quantum critical metals ***** (Han Ma, Sung-Sik Lee) Flux trapping in hydrides not yet confirmed

20231013 Tunable non-Fermi liquid phase from coupling to two-level systems **** (J ̈org Schmalian, Erez Berg) Anderson localization transition in disordered hyperbolic lattices (Joseph Maciejko, Igor Boettcher) Non-Bloch band theory for non-Hermitian continuum systems Effective Brane Field Theory with Higher-form Symmetry Abelian Higgs gauge theories with multicomponent scalar fields and multiparameter scalar potentials (Ettore Vicari) Extended critical phase in quasiperiodic quantum Hall systems Approximate Quantum Codes From Long Wormholes (Brian Swingle) T-linear conductance in electron hydrodynamics (Leonid Levitov) Generalized symmetries in singularity-free nonlinear σ-models and their disordered phases (Salvatore D. Pace, Chenchang Zhu, Agn`es Beaudry, Xiao-Gang Wen) Anatomy of plasmons in generic Luttinger semimetals (Ipsita Mandal) Unconventional fully-gapped superconductivity in the heavy-fermion metal CeCu2Si2 ***** (Michael Smidman, Oliver Stockert, Emilian M. Nica, Yang Liu, Huiqiu Yuan, Qimiao Si, Frank Steglich)

20231016 From electronic structure to magnetism and skyrmions (Topical review) Scalable, ab initio protocol for quantum simulating SU(N)×U(1) Lattice Gauge Theories Mixed-state Quantum Phases: Renormalization and Quantum Error Correction (Timothy H. Hsieh) Gauge Defects or Gauging as Symmetry Mutual information and correlations across topological phase transitions in topologically ordered graphene zigzag nanoribbons ** Investigation into the nature behind the interesting half levitation behavior of claimed superconductor LK-99 Cyclotron resonance and quantum oscillations of critical Fermi surfaces ***** (Haoyu Guo, Davide Valentinis, Jo ̈rg Schmalian, Subir Sachdev, Aavishkar A. Patel) Absence of a BCS-BEC crossover in the cuprate superconductors **** (Steven A. Kivelson) A GEOMETRIC PICTURE OF PETURBATIVE QFT

20231017 NOTES ON WICK’S THEOREM IN MANY-BODY THEORY *** Introduction to the “second quantization” formalism for non-relativistic quantum mechanics, A possible substitution for Sections 6.7 and 6.8 of Feynman’s “Statistical Mechanics” **** (Hal Tasaki) Pair Density Waves from Local Band Geometry Entanglement in a one-dimensional critical state after measurements (Chao-Ming Jian) **** Topological Phases with Average Symmetries: the Decohered, the Disordered, and the Intrinsic ***** (Ruochen Ma, Jian-Hao Zhang, Zhen Bi, Meng Cheng, Chong Wang) Generalized Charges, Part II: Non-Invertible Symmetries and the Symmetry TFT Strong pairing from doping-induced Feshbach resonance and second Fermi liquid through doping a bilayer spin-one Mott insulator: application to La3Ni2O7 (Hui Yang, Hanbit Oh, Ya-Hui Zhang) ***** Unveiling UV/IR Mixing via Symmetry Defects: A View from Topological Entanglement Entropy ***** (Jintae Kim, Yun-Tak Oh, Daniel Bulmash, Jung Hoon Han) Anyon Condensation Web and Multipartite Entanglement in 2D Fracton-like Theories (Yizhi You) *** Nonequilibrium dynamics in Dirac quantum criticality Low energy electrodynamics and a hidden Fermi liquid in the heavy-fermion CeCoIn5 (N.P. Armitage) The 3-dimensional Fermi liquid description for the normal state of cuprate superconductors *** SPONTANEOUS MASS GENERATION AND CHIRAL SYMMETRY BREAKING IN A LATTICE NAMBU–JONA-LASINIO MODEL ***

20231018 Fragile topological dislocation modes (Vladimir Juriˇci ́c) Remarks on effects of ’t Hooft anomaly on eigenstate thermalization hypothesis

20231019 Emergent non-Hermitian models Intertwined fractional quantum anomalous Hall states and charge density waves ***** (Xue-Yang Song, Chao-Ming Jian, Liang Fu, Cenke Xu) Quantum geometry encoded to pair potentials (Youichi Yanase)

20231020 Entropy and de Haas-van Alphen oscillations of a three-dimensional marginal Fermi liquid (Yi-Ming Wu, S. Raghu) Emergent Symmetries and Interactions: An Isolated Fixed Point Versus A Manifold of Strongly Interacting Fixed Points *** Probing Confinement Through Dynamical Quantum Phase Transitions: From Quantum Spin Models to Lattice Gauge Theories Emergent Properties of the Periodic Anderson Model: a High-Resolution, Real-Frequency Study of Heavy-Fermion Quantum Criticality *** (Andreas Gleis, Seung-Sup B. Lee, Gabriel Kotliar, Jan von Delft) Fractal Subsystem Symmetries, ’t Hooft Anomalies, and UV/IR Mixing *** Multi-moir ́e trilayer graphene: lattice relaxation, electronic structure, and magic angles *** Realization and detection of Kitaev quantum spin liquid with Rydberg atoms **

20231023 Helical trilayer graphene: a moir ́e platform for strongly-interacting topological bands **** (Liang Fu, Trithep Devakul, Pablo Jarillo-Herrero) O(N) smectic σ-model (Tzu-Chi Hsieh, Leo Radzihovsky)

20231024 Quantum Hamiltonian Algorithms for Maximum Independent Sets (Frank Wilczek) Quantum vortex lattice via Lifshitz duality **** (Yi-Hsien Du, Ho Tat Lam, Leo Radzihovsky) On quantum melting of superfluid vortex crystals: from Lifshitz scalar to dual gravity (Dung Xuan Nguyen) Localization renormalization and quantum Hall systems A non-unitary bulk-boundary correspondence :Non-unitary Haagerup RCFTs from S-fold SCFTs (Dongmin Gang, Dongyeob Kim, Sungjay Lee)

20231025 Theory of correlated Chern insulators in twisted bilayer graphene (Oskar Vafek) Are fermionic conformal field theories more entangled? *** (William Witczak-Krempa) Anomalous long-distance RKKY interaction in quasicrystals **** (Junmo Jeon, SungBin Lee) Nonequilibrium thermodynamics perspectives for the monotonicity of the renormalization group flow ***** (Ki-Seok Kim, Shinsei Ryu)

20231026 Disorder effects in spiral spin liquids: Long-range spin textures, Friedel-like oscillations, and spiral spin glasses *** (Matthias Vojta) Symmetries and anomalies of Kitaev spin-S models ***** (Ruizhi Liu, Ho Tat Lam, Han Ma, Liujun Zou) Dynamical Spectral Response of Fractonic Quantum Matter (Michael Knap) Gauged cooling of topological excitations and emergent fermions on quantum simulators (Erez Berg) Critical-point anomalies in doped CeRhIn ***** Duality Defect of the Monster CFT (Ying-Hsuan Lina and Shu-Heng Shao)

20231027 Higgs and Nambu-Goldstone modes in condensed matter physics *** Spontaneous breaking of U(1) symmetry at zero temperature in one dimension ***** (Haruki Watanabe, Hosho Katsura, Jong Yeon Lee) Topological holography, quantum criticality, and boundary states ***** (Sheng-Jie Huang, Meng Cheng) Vison crystal in quantum spin ice on the breathing pyrochlore lattice **** (Claudio Castelnovo) 2-Form U(1) Spin Liquids: Classical Model and Quantum Aspects **** (Michel J. P. Gingras) Floquet States ***

20231030 Superconductivity in Luttinger semimetals near the SU(4) limit ***** (Majid Kheirkhah, Igor F. Herbut) Mass gaps of a Z3 gauge theory with three fermion flavors in 1 + 1 dimensions Measuring Topological Field Theories: Lattice Models and Field-Theoretic Description **** Unconventional Superconductivity near a Nematic Instability in a Multi-Orbital system **** (Andrey Chubukov) Intertwined fractional quantum anomalous Hall states and charge density waves ***** (Xue-Yang Song, Chao-Ming Jian, Liang Fu, Cenke Xu)

20231031 Intrinsic Third Order Nonlinear Transport Responses (Amit Agarwal) Engineering the Kitaev spin liquid in a quantum dot system *** (Sankar Das Sarma) Stacking Group Structure of Fermionic Symmetry-Protected Topological Phases **** Interacting Kitaev Chain with N = 1 Supersymmetry ***** (Keisuke Totsuka) Quantum spin liquids ***** Spinfoams: Foundations