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20231101 Connecting the avoided quantum critical point to the magic-angle transition in three-dimensional Weyl semimetals *** (J. H. Pixley, David A. Huse, Justin H. Wilson) Leading-logarithmic approximation by one-loop renormalization group within Matsubara formalism Strange Metal to Insulator Transitions in the Lowest Landau Level *** Non-bosonic moir ́e excitons **** (Tsung-Sheng Huang, Peter Lunts, Mohammad Hafezi) Kondo effect and its destruction in hetero-bilayer transition metal dichalcogenides *** (Fang Xie, Lei Chen, Qimiao Si) Self-duality under gauging a non-invertible symmetry ***** (Yichul Choi, Da-Chuan Lu, Zhengdi Sun) Finite Temperature Entanglement Negativity of Fermionic Symmetry Protected Topological Phases and Quantum Critical Points in One Dimension **** (Wonjune Choi, Michael Knap, Frank Pollmann) Electron Interactions in Rashba Materials (Alex Kamenev) The theory of symmetric tensor field with boundary: Kac-Moody algebras in linearized gravity (Nicola Maggiore) Two Loop Renormalization of Scalar Theories using a Geometric Approach Free fermions with no Jordan-Wigner transformation *** (Paul Fendley)

20231102 Sparsity independent Lyapunov exponent in the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model Topological transport of vorticity on curved magnetic membranes *** Carrollian Supersymmetry and SYK-like models ** Temperature Dependence of Energy Transport in the Z3 Chiral Clock Model (Yongchan Yoo. Brian Swingle) Classification of 1+1D gapless symmetry protected phases via topological holography **** (Rui Wen, Andrew C. Potter)

20231103 Operator dynamics in Lindbladian SYK: a Krylov complexity perspective Gapped boundaries of fermionic topological orders and higher central charges *** (Minyoung You) Non-Fermi liquid behavior in a correlated flatband pyrochlore lattice *** (Qimiao Si)

20231106 Signatures of dissipative quantum chaos *** PROJECTIVE SYMMETRIES OF THREE-DIMENSIONAL TQFTS *** A Bosonic Model of Quantum Holography **** (Brian Swingle, Mike Winer) Fracton gravity from spacetime dipole symmetry *** Local condensation of charge-4𝑒 superconductivity at a nematic domain wall **** (Matthias Hecker and Rafael M. Fernandes) Sign-problem-free effective models of triangular lattice quantum antiferromagnets ***** (Henry Shackleton, Subir Sachdev) Scrambling is Necessary but Not Sufficient for Chaos

20231107 Pairing-based graph neural network for simulating quantum materials *** (Liang Fu) PT -symmetric Non-Hermitian Hopf Metal *** (Seik Pak, Cheol Hun Yeom, Sonu Verma, Moon Jip Park) Topological Orders Having no Topological Quantum Field Theory Description Excitations in the higher lattice gauge theory model for topological phases I: Overview **** (Joe Huxford, Steven H. Simon) Bridging three-dimensional coupled-wire models and cellular topological states: Solvable models for topological and fracton orders *** (Yohei Fuji, Akira Furusaki) Perturbative Superstring Theory Revisited (Edward Witten)

20231108 Theory of fractional quantum anomalous Hall phases in pentalayer rhombohedral graphene moir ́e structures ***** (Zhihuan Dong, Adarsh S. Patri, T. Senthil) Fractional quantum anomalous Hall effects in rhombohedral multilayer graphene in the moir ́eless limit and in Coulomb imprinted superlattice (Boran Zhou, Hui Yang, Ya-Hui Zhang) Signatures of hidden octupolar order from nonlinear Hall effects ***** (Sopheak Sorn, Adarsh S. Patri) An integral algorithm of exponential observables for interacting fermions in quantum Monte Carlo simulation (Zi Yang Meng) Generalized hydrodynamics: a perspective Is the Migdal-Eliashberg Theory for 2+1D Critical Fermi Surface Stable? ***** (Haoyu Guo) Fluctuation Spectrum of 2+1D Critical Fermi Surface and its Application to Optical Conductivity and Hydrodynamics ***** (Haoyu Guo) Scaling behaviors at quantum and classical first-order transitions *** (Ettore Vicari)

20231109 Reentrant supersolidity (Leo Radzihovsky) Phase diagram near the quantum critical point in Schwinger model at θ = π: analogy with quantum Ising chain A Brief History of Free Parafermions *** A pseudofermion functional renormalization group study of dipolar-octupolar pyrochlore magnets ***** (Li Ern Chern, Fe ́lix Desrochers, Yong Baek Kim, Claudio Castelnovo)

20231110 The Glass Transition of Quantum Hard Spheres in High Dimensions (Victor Galitski, Brian Swingle) Chiral Magnets from String Theory Classification of Dipolar Symmetry-Protected Topological Phases: Matrix Product States, Stabilizer Hamiltonians and Finite Tensor Gauge Theories **** (Ho Tat Lam) Anomalous Hall Crystals in Rhombohedral Multilayer Graphene I: Interaction-Driven Chern Bands and Fractional Quantum Hall States at Zero Magnetic Field (Ashvin Vishwanath, Daniel E. Parker) Theory of topological exciton insulators and condensates in flat Chern bands Moiré Fractional Chern Insulators I: First-principles calculations and Continuum Models of Twisted Bilayer MoTe2 (B. Andrei Bernevig)

20231113 Higher-group symmetry of (3+1)D fermionic Z2 gauge theory: logical CCZ, CS, and T gates from higher symmetry ***** (Maissam Barkeshli, Po-Shen Hsin, Ryohei Kobayashi) Realization of Hilbert Space Fragmentation and Fracton Dynamics in 2D ***** (Frank Pollmann) AV3Sb5 Kagome Superconductors: Progress and Future Directions Two-Fluid Theory of Composite Bosons and Fermions and the Quantum Hall Proximity Effect **** (Zhaoyu Han, Kyung-Su Kim, Steven A. Kivelson, Thors Hans Hansson)

20231114 Deconfined Quantum Criticality in the long-range, anisotropic Heisenberg Chain *** (Michael Knap) Symmetry, topology, duality, chirality, and criticality in a spin-1 XXZ ladder with a four-spin interaction **** Sublattice scars and beyond in two-dimensional U(1) quantum link lattice gauge theories Quantum Phase Transition in CeCoIn5: Experimental Facts and Theory Lattice relaxation, electronic structure and continuum model for twisted bilayer MoTe2 (Liang Fu)

20231115 Nonreciprocal transport in U (1) gauge theory of high-Tc cuprates **** (Taekoo Oh, Naoto Nagaosa) Noninvertible symmetries and anomalies from gauging 1-form electric centers **

20231116 Deconfinement Dynamics of Fractons in Tilted Bose-Hubbard Chains **** (Michael Knap) Transport properties of strongly correlated Fermi systems *** RG Flows and Fixed Points of O(N)r Models *****

20231117 Non-Hermitian topology and criticality in photonic arrays with engineered losses Dimensional reduction from magnetic field in moir ́e superlattices *** (Liang Fu) Spin-phonon interactions on the kagome lattice: Dirac spin liquid versus valence-bond solids Fermi surface symmetric mass generation: a quantum Monte-Carlo study *** (Yi-Zhuang You)

20231120 Kondo effect in the isotropic Heisenberg spin chain (Pradip Kattel, Parameshwar R. Pasnoori, J. H. Pixley, Patrick Azaria, Natan Andrei)

20231121 Topological Diagnosis of Strongly Correlated Electron Systems ***** (Chandan Setty, Fang Xie, Shouvik Sur, Lei Chen, Silke Paschen, Maia G. Vergniory, Jennifer Cano, Qimiao Si) Quantum geometric bound and ideal condition for Euler band topology (Bohm-Jung Yang) Higher Topos Theory in Physics

20231122 Adiabatic observables and Berry curvatures in insulators and metals ***** (Raffaele Resta) Tilted Dirac superconductor at quantum criticality: Restoration of Lorentz symmetry (Vladimir Juriˇci ́c)

20231123 Fractonic Quantum Quench in Dipole-constrained Bosons ***** (Yun-Tak Oh, Jung Hoon Han, Hyun-Yong Lee) Controlled expansion for transport in a class of non-Fermi liquids ***** (Zhengyan Darius Shi) Controlled Interlayer Exciton Ionization in an Electrostatic Trap in Atomically Thin Heterostructures *** (Mikhail D. Lukin, Philip Kim) Extracting higher central charge from a single wave function (Shinsei Ryu)

20231127 Emergent chiral metal near a Kondo breakdown quantum phase transition *** (Matthias Vojta)

20231128 Asymmetric Bethe Ansatz Erasure-cooling, control, and hyper-entanglement of motion in optical tweezers **** (Joonhee Choi) Towards a classification of PT-symmetric quantum systems: from dissipative dynamics to topology and wormholes What are the emergent fermions and gauge fields in magnetized kagom ́e spin liquid? **** (Gang V. Chen) Symmetry breaking in vanadium trihalides A Replica-BCS theory for dirty superconductors D-Wave and Pair-Density-Wave Superconductivity in the Square-Lattice t-J Model (Feng Chen, F. D. M. Haldane, D. N. Sheng) Corrections to Landau Fermi-liquid fixed-point approximation in nonlinear bosonized theory: Application to gAL in nuclei ***** Edge modes, extended TQFT, and measurement based quantum computation (Gabriel Wong) Phase Transitions, Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking, and Goldstone’s Theorem *****

20231129 Density wave halo around anyons in fractional quantum anomalous hall states ***** (Xue-Yang Song, T. Senthil) The Conjugate Composite Fermi Liquid ***** (Nayan Myerson-Jain, Chao-Ming Jian, Cenke Xu) System-Environment Entanglement Phase Transitions ***** (Yuto Ashida, Shunsuke Furukawa, Masaki Oshikawa) Transport properties of a half-filled Chern band at the electron and composite fermion phases *** (Ady Stern, Liang Fu) A Floquet-Rydberg quantum simulator for confinement in Z2 gauge theories Entanglement of Gauge Theories: from the Toric Code to the Z2 Lattice Gauge Higgs Model **** (Michael Knap, Frank Pollmann)

20231130 Z2 = 0 is topological too **** (A. H. MacDonald) Observation of an electronic microemulsion phase emerging from a quantum crystal-to-liquid transition (Ilya Esterlis, Andrew J. Millis, Mikhail D. Lukin, Philip Kim, Eugene Demler, Hongkun Park) Superconductivity due to fluctuating loop currents **** (Rafael M. Fernandes, Jörg Schmalian) Spin-polarons and ferromagnetism in doped dilute moiré-Mott insulators (Urban F. P. Seifert, Leon Balents) Analytic Solution of n-dimensional Su-Schrieffer–Heeger Model Introduction to String Theory *****