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20231201 Matrix Product State Fixed Points of Non-Hermitian Transfer Matrices *** Duality and Stacking of Bosonic and Fermionic SPT Phases **** (Minyoung You) Tensor network renormalization: application to dynamic correlation functions and non-hermitian systems ****

20231204 Vacancies in generic Kitaev spin liquids (David F. Mross)

20231205 Sub-MeV Dark Matter Detection with Bilayer Graphene (Hongki Min) Effective field theory of Berry Landau Fermi liquid from the coadjoint orbit method ***** (Xiaoyang Huang) Topological spin textures in electronic non-Hermitian systems *** (Naoto Nagaosa) Chiral gauge theory at the boundary between topological phases ***** (David B. Kaplan) Modular extension of topological orders from congruence representations **** (Donghae Seo, Minyoung You, Gil Young Cho, Hee-Cheol Kim) Strange Correlator for 1D Fermionic Symmetry-Protected Topological Phases *** (Yang Qi) Kitaev-Heisenberg model on the star lattice – from chiral Majoranas to chiral triplons *** (J. Knolle) The Operator Product Expansion in Quantum Field Theory *** (Stefan Hollands, Robert M. Wald)

20231206 Floquet Chiral Quantum Walk in Quantum Computer *** (Chan Bin Bark, Youngseok Kim, Moon Jip Park) de Sitter local thermodynamics in f(R) gravity (G.E. Volovik) Programmable Simulations of Molecules and Materials with Reconfigurable Quantum Processors (Derek S. Wang, Anna I. Krylov, Norman Y. Yao, Martin Head-Gordon, Mikhail D. Lukin, Susanne F. Yelin) Machian fractons, Hamiltonian attractors and non-equilibrium steady states (S.L. Sondhi)

20231207 Scale-invariant magnetic anisotropy in α-RuCl3: A quantum Monte Carlo (Fakher F. Assaad) Real-time correlators in 3+1D thermal lattice gauge theory Revisiting Brownian SYK and its Possible Relations to de Sitter

20231208 A theory for the low-energy optical sum-rule in moir ́e graphene *** (Debanjan Chowdhury) Competing Higher Order Topological Superconducting Phases in Triangular Lattice Magnet-Superconductor Hybrid Systems (Barry Bradlyn, Taylor L. Hughes) Weyl fermions on a finite lattice (David B. Kaplan, Srimoyee Sen) Pseudogap formation in organic superconductors Geometric phases in generalized radical Floquet dynamics *** (Brenden Roberts, Sagar Vijay, Arpit Dua) Quantum Melting of Generalized Wigner Crystals in Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Moir ́e Systems (Yiqing Zhou, D. N. Sheng, Eun-Ah Kim) Field-driven transition from quantum spin liquid to magnetic order in triangular-lattice antiferromagnets *** (Joseph Maciejko, Matthias Vojta) “Quantum bipolaron” superconductivity from quadratic electron-phonon coupling ** (Zhaoyu Han, Steven A. Kivelson, Pavel A. Volkov) Subsystem Complexity and Measurements in Holography *** (Shao-Kai Jian) Nodal topological superconductivity in nodal-line semimetals (Yuxuan Wang) Emergent self-duality in long range critical spin chain: from deconfined criticality to first order transition ***** (Da-Chuan Lu) Remarks on Boundaries, Anomalies, and Noninvertible Symmetries ***** (Yichul Choi, Brandon C. Rayhaun, Yaman Sanghavi, Shu-Heng Shao)

20231211 A holographic view of topological stabilizer codes ***** (Thomas Schuster, Nathanan Tantivasadakarn, Ashvin Vishwanath, Norman Y. Yao) Decoherence through Ancilla Anyon Reservoirs ***** (Nayan Myerson-Jain, Taylor L. Hughes, Cenke Xu)

20231212 Chiral symmetry breaking and topological charge of graphene nanoribbons Topological conditions for impurity effects in graphene nanosystems Study of 3-dimensional SU(2) gauge theory with adjoint Higgs as a model for cuprate superconductors Spin fractionalization and zero modes in the spin-1 XXZ chain with boundary fields *** (Junhyun Lee, J. H. Pixley, Natan Andrei) Construction of Superconducting Dome and Emergence of Quantum Critical Region in Holography Interplay between Haldane and modified Haldane models in α-T3 lattice: Band structures, phase diagrams and edge states

20231213 Strong disorder and transport in strange metals ***** (Aavishkar A. Patel, Peter Luntsb, Subir Sachdev) Fingerprints of Composite Fermion Lambda Levels in Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (Michael P. Zaletel, Ali Yazdani, Zlatko Papi ́c) STM in the fractional quantum Hall effect: Spectroscopy of composite-fermion bound states (J. K. Jain) Field-induced superconductivity mediated by odd-parity multipole fluctuation (Youichi Yanase) Higher geometry in physics

20231214 Understanding disorder in Silicon quantum computing platforms: Scattering mechanisms in Si/SiGe quantum wells (Yi Huang, Sankar Das Sarma) Van-Hove tuning of Fermi surface instabilities through compensated metallicity (Titus Neupert) Topological entanglement entropy for torus knot bipartitions and the Verlinde-like formulas *** (Po-Yao Chang) Analysis of photo-induced chirality and magnetic toroidal moment based on Floquet formalism Spontaneous time-reversal symmetry breaking by disorder in superconductors

20231215 Fracton models from product codes ***** (Beni Yoshida, Norman Y. Yao) Anomalies of Average Symmetries: Entanglement and Open Quantum Systems *** (Po-Shen Hsin, Zhu-Xi Luo, Hao-Yu Sun) Measurement-induced landscape transitions in hybrid variational quantum circuits *** (Michael J. Lawler) Emergent Fermion Dynamical Symmetry for Monolayer Graphene in a Strong Magnetic Field *****

20231218 Fermionic quartet and vestigial gravity Vacancy-induced tunable Kondo effect in twisted bilayer graphene (David Vanderbilt, Gabriel Kotliar, J. H. Pixley) Quantum Foundations as a Guide for Refining Particle Theories (Gerard ’t Hooft)

20231219 Surface quantum critical phenomena in disordered Dirac semimetals *** Flat bands, strange metals, and the Kondo effect ***** (Joseph G. Checkelsky, B. Andrei Bernevig, Piers Coleman, Qimiao Si, Silke Paschen) Detecting Quantum Anomalies in Open Systems Conformal field theories in a magnetic field **** (Rufus Boyack, Luca Delacrétaz, Éric Dupuis, William Witczak-Krempa)

20231220 Moir ́e Fractional Chern Insulators III: Hartree-Fock Phase Diagram, Magic Angle Regime for Chern Insulator States, the Role of the Moir ́e Potential and Goldstone Gaps in Rhombohedral Graphene Superlattices (B. Andrei Bernevig) Dynamical Mean Field Theory for Low Density and Dirac Materials (Andrew J. Millis) The Nordic-walking mechanism and its explanation of deconfined pseudocriticality from Wess-Zumino-Witten theory *** (Lukas Janssen, Michael M. Scherer) Universal structure of measurement-induced information in many-body ground states (Andrew C. Potter) Essay: Where Can Quantum Geometry Lead Us? Experimentally tunable QED in dipolar-octupolar quantum spin ice **** (Han Yan, Alaric Sanders, Claudio Castelnovo, Andriy H. Nevidomskyy)

20231221 From Resistance Minimum to Kondo Physics ***** Twisted bilayer graphene at charge neutrality: competing orders of SU(4) Dirac fermions *** (Laura Classen) Conformal Field Theory Ground States as Critical Points of an Entropy Function *** (John McGreevy) Vacuum stability, fixed points, and phases of QED3 at large Nf

20231222 BOSONIZATION AND ANOMALY INDICATORS OF (2+1)-D FERMIONIC TOPOLOGICAL ORDERS *** Probing quantum properties of black holes with a Floquet-driven optical lattice simulator (Jiannis K. Pachos) Dimer piling problems and interacting field theory **** (John McGreevy) Quantum electrodynamics under a quench ***** (Shao-Kai Jian) Superfluid stiffness within Eliashberg theory: the role of vertex corrections *** (Andrey V. Chubukov) Charge-4e Superconductivity in a Hubbard model (Titus Neupert) Strange-metal behavior without fine-tuning in PrV2Al20 (Andriy H. Nevidomskyy) Extracting subleading corrections in entanglement entropy at quantum phase transitions (Zi Yang Meng, Cenke Xu, Meng Cheng) Non-Fermi liquid fixed point of the dissipative Yukawa-Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model **** (Peter Kopietz) Topological Superconductivity in Twisted Flakes of Nodal Superconductors (J. H. Pixley, Pavel A. Volkov) Higher geometry in physics ***

20231225 Drude weight in presence of nonlocal potentials *** (Raffaele Resta) Thermodynamics and dynamics of coupled complex SYK models Continuous phase transitions between fractional quantum Hall states and symmetry-protected topological states **** (Meng Cheng)

20231227 Frequency-Dependent Superconducting States From the Two-Time Linear Response Theory: Application To Sr2RuO4 Stable Higher-Order Topological Dirac Semimetals with Z2 Monopole Charge in Alternating-twisted Multilayer Graphenes and beyond Andreev bound states in superconductor-barrier-superconductor junctions of Rarita-Schwinger-Weyl semimetals (Ipsita Mandal) Optimal form of time-local non-Lindblad master equations Quantum-criticality in twisted bi-layer graphene Gauging of generalized symmetry Observation of Magnon Damping Minimum Induced by Kondo Coupling in a van der Waals Ferromagnet Fe3−xGeTe2 Robust T-Linear Resistivity due to SU(4) Valley + Spin Fluctuation Mechanism in Magic Angle Twisted Bilayer Graphene Anomalous superfluid density in a disordered charge density wave material: Pd-intercalated ErTe3 (Steven A. Kivelson, Ian R. Fisher) Majorana Fermion Mean-Field Theories of Kitaev Quantum Spin Liquids Explicit form for the most general Lorentz transformation revisited (Howard E. Haber) Localization in Quantum Field Theory ***

20231229 Defect bound states in the continuum without symmetry protection: bilayer graphene and beyond Light-matter interactions in the vacuum of ultra-strongly coupled systems A Lindbladian From Feynman-Vernon **** Massless Lifshitz Field Theory for Arbitrary z ***** Cluster-Algorithm-Amenable Models of Gauge Fields and Matter Higgs-Confinement Transitions in QCD from Symmetry Protected Topological Phases (Thomas T. Dumitrescu, Po-Shen Hsin) Convergence of Ginzburg-Landau expansions: superconductivity in the BCS theory and chiral symmetry breaking in the NJL model