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20240101 Spectral sum rules reflect topological and quantum-geometric invariants (Shinsei Ryu) Josephson current through the SYK model *** The Club Sandwich: Gapless Phases and Phase Transitions with Non-Invertible Symmetries *** Fermion-Monopole Scattering in the Standard Model (David Tong) Fermi and Luttinger arcs: two concepts, one surface (Karsten Held)

20240102 Many-body higher-order topological invariant for Cn-symmetric insulators (Yuxuan Wang) Andreev bound states in Josephson junctions of semi-Dirac semimetals (Ipsita Mandal) Fluctuation Theorem on Riemannian Manifold Probing topological phase transition with non-Hermitian perturbations

20240103 Construction of Pseudo-hermitian matrices describing systems with balanced loss-gain Hamiltonian Learning in Quantum Field Theories Approaching the forbidden phase transition in the Ising model, III: Hidden frustration, continuous marginal phase transition, and the minimal model Braiding and fusion of Majorana fermions in minimal Kitaev spin liquid on a single hexagon with 5 qubits (Motohiko Ezawa)

20240104 Entanglement structure and information protection in noisy hybrid quantum circuits (Shao-Kai Jian) A critical nematic phase with pseudogap-like behavior in twisted bilayers (Rafael M. Fernandes) The Gauge Picture of Quantum Dynamics (Kevin Slagle)

20240105 Superselection-Resolved Entanglement in Lattice Gauge Theories: A Tensor Network Approach Entanglement and confinement in lattice gauge theory tensor networks Generation of gauge magnetic fields in a kagome spin liqud candidate using the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction *** (Byungmin Kang and Patrick A. Lee)

20240108 GW Theory of Magic-Angle Twisted Bilayer Graphene (Allan H. MacDonald) Commuting SYK: a pseudo-holographic model ***

20240109 GALILEI PARTICLES REVISITED Heat kernel coefficients for massive gravity Non-Hermitian Dirac theory from Lindbladian dynamics

20240110 Universal relation between energy gap and dielectric constant (Liang Fu) THE ODD FERMION *** The Kondo effect in the quantum XX spin chain (J. H. Pixley, Natan Andrei) “Quantum Geometric Nesting” and Solvable Model Flat-Band Systems **** (Zhaoyu Han, Jonah Herzog-Arbeitman, B. Andrei Bernevig, Steven A. Kivelson) Kondo screening and coherence in kagome local-moment metals: Energy scales of heavy fermions in the presence of flat bands (Matthias Vojta)

20240111 Coulomb universality **** (Leo Radzihovsky, John Toner) Phases of theories with ZN 1-form symmetry, and the roles of center vortices and magnetic monopoles *** Higher Gauge Theory

20240112 Should you hire new searchers? Optimal number of agents in a collective search, and when to launch them Migdal-Eliashberg superconductivity in a Kondo lattice Topological superconductivity induced by a Kitaev spin liquid A lattice regularization of Weyl fermions in a gravitational background The chiral phase transition and the axial anomaly

20240115 Exact matrix product states at the quantum Lifshitz tricritical point in a spin-1/2 zigzag-chain antiferromagnet with anisotropic Γ-term Inducing Z2 Topology in Twisted Nodal Superconductors (Kevin P. Lucht, Pavel A. Volkov, J. H. Pixley) A Ginzburg-Landau approach to the vortex-domain wall interaction in superconductors with nematic order (E. Fradkin) Classical Physics: Spacetime and Fields

20240117 Generalized Dynamical Keldysh Model Flux-charge symmetric theory of superconducting circuits (Andrew Lucas) Non-Hermitian generalizations of the Yao-Lee model augmented by SO(3)-symmetry-breaking terms (Ipsita Mandal) Encoding the lattice in the Holography (Sang-Jin Sin) Parton Route to Adiabatic Continuity between Integer and Fractional Quantum Hall Effects (Jainendra K. Jain) Spontaneous Supersymmetry Breaking and Nambu-Goldstone Modes in Interacting Majorana Chains Magneto-Thermoelectric Transport in Graphene Quantum Dot with Strong Correlations ***** (Subir Sachdev, Philip Kim) Non-Fermi-liquid behavior in a ferromagnetic heavy fermion system CeTi1−xVxGe3

20240118 Gapless Fermionic Systems as Phase-space Topological Insulators: Non-perturbative Results from Anomalies **** (Taylor L. Hughes1 and Yuxuan Wang) Interaction robustness of the chiral anomaly in Weyl semimetals and Luttinger liquids from a mixed anomaly approach ** (Jay D. Sau) Floquet Flux Attachment in Cold Atomic Systems *** (Yin-Chen He, Norman Y. Yao) Percolation as a confinement order parameter in Z2 lattice gauge theories Deconfined Fermi liquid to Fermi liquid transition and superconducting instability (Ya-Hui Zhang)

20240119 Quantum Phase Transitions and Dynamics in Perturbed Flatbands C-R-T Fractionalization, Fermions, and Mod 8 Periodicity ***** (Zheyan Wan, Juven Wang, Shing-Tung Yau, Yi-Zhuang You) Finite Temperature Dynamics in 0-Flux and π-Flux Quantum Spin Ice: Self-Consistent Exclusive Boson Approach ***** (F ́elix Desrochers, Yong Baek Kim) Higher bracket structure of density operators in Weyl fermion systems and topological insulators ***** (Edwin Langmann, Shinsei Ryu, Ken Shiozaki) Critical phase induced by Berry phase and dissipation in a spin chain *** (Tarun Grover)

20240122 Comment on Machine Learning the Operator Content of the Critical Self-Dual Ising-Higgs Gauge Model, arXiv:2311.17994v1 (Ettore Vicari) Nature of the unconventional heavy fermion Kondo state in monolayer CeSiI Line defects in conformal field theory: from weak to strong coupling Multipole and fracton topological order via gauging foliated SPT phases Non-Analytic Magnetic Response and Intrinsic Ferromagnetic Clusters in a Dirac Spin Liquid Candidate (Itamar Kimchi, Patrick A. Lee) Computational Mirror Symmetry (Manki Kim)

20240123 Exponentially slow thermalization and the robustness of Hilbert space fragmentation (Ethan Lake) Phonon-mediated spin transport in quantum paraelectric metals (Kyoung-Min Kim, Suk Bum Chung) Gapless symmetry protected topological phases and generalized deconfined critical points from gauging a finite subgroup Dirac zeros in an orbital selective Mott phase: Green’s function Berry curvature and flux quantization (Jennifer Cano, Qimiao Si)

20240124 Eliashberg theory for bilayer exciton condensation (Jay D. Sau, Sankar Das Sarma) The Crossover from Ordinary to Higher Order van Hove Singularity in a Honeycomb System: A Parquet Renormalization Group Analysis***** (Andrey V. Chubukov) Non-invertible symmetries and LSM-type constraints on a tensor product Hilbert space (Nathan Seiberg, Sahand Seifnashri, Shu-Heng Shao)

20240125 Emergent Holographic Forces from Tensor Networks and Criticality **** (Rahul Sahay, Mikhail D. Lukin, Jordan Cotler) Universal collective Larmor-Silin mode emerging in magnetized correlated Dirac fermions (Zi Yang Meng, Yang Qi) Altermagnetism with Non-collinear Spins (Sang-Wook Cheong)

20240126 Localization of Lindbladian Fermions *** (Alex Kamenev) Levin-Wen is a gauge theory: entanglement from topology ***** Quantum weight **** (Liang Fu) Entanglement entropy and deconfined criticality: emergent SO(5) symmetry and proper lattice bipartition (Anders W. Sandvik) Twisted Lattice Gauge Theory: Membrane Operators, Three-loop Braiding and Topological Charge (Joe Huxford, Dung Xuan Nguyen, Yong Baek Kim) Quantum Electrodynamics of Non-Hermitian Dirac Fermions (Bitan Roy) Phase Thermalization: from Fermi Liquid to Incoherent Metal Classical Statistical simulation of Quantum Field Theory ***

20240129 Thermodynamics of vison crystals in an anisotropic quantum spin liquid Non-perturbative de Sitter Jackiw-Teitelboim gravity (Jordan Cotler) Cauchy, Cosserat, Clausius, Maxwell, Weyl Equations Revisited

20240130 Aspects of critical O(N ) model with boundary and defect Macroscopic Irreversibility in Quantum Systems: ETH and Equilibration in a Free Fermion Chain *** (Hal Tasaki) Nonlocal Fermions with Local Interactions and the SYK Model *** Three-band extension for the Glashow-Weinberg-Salam model Axion Dark Matters from Cosmic String Network (Heejoo Kim†, Junghyeon Park†, and Minho Son) Fermions, quantum gravity and holography in two dimensions Gravity versus Noncommutative Gauge Theory: A Double Copy Perspective Group Theory and Irreducible Representations of the Poincar ́e Group An advance in the arithmetic of the Lie groups as an alternative to the forms of the Campbell-Baker-Hausdorff-Dynkin theorem

20240131 Noise-induced phase transitions in hybrid quantum circuits (Shao-Kai Jian, Hong Yao) Black Hole Firewalls and Quantum Mechanics (Gerard ’t Hooft)