Today's arXiv

20240201 Engineering two-dimensional nodal semimetals in functionalized biphenylene by fluorine adatoms (Sejoong Kim, Jun-Won Rhim) Fermi Surface Geometry and Optical Conductivity of a 2D Electron Gas near an Ising-Nematic Quantum Critical Point **** (Yasha Gindikin, Andrey Chubukov) A mesoscopic device for a realization of the Topological Kondo effect (Saheli Sarkar, Alexei M. Tsvelik) Theory of a Strange Metal in a Quantum Superconductor to Metal Transition (Jaewon Kim, Erez Berg, Ehud Altman) Mixed-state quantum anomaly and multipartite entanglement (Leonardo A. Lessa, Meng Cheng, Chong Wang) Tapestry of dualities in decohered quantum error correction codes (Kaixiang Su, Zhou Yang, Chao-Ming Jian)

20240202 Energetic comparison of exciton gas versus electron-hole plasma in a bilayer two-dimensional electron-hole system (Yi-Ting Tu, Seth M. Davis, Sankar Das Sarma) Theoretical Studies on the Scanning Tunneling Microscope Quantum information theoretic measures to distinguish fermionized bosons from non-interacting fermions Randomly Monitored Quantum Codes (Dongjin Lee, Beni Yoshida) The Smoke of Zaanen (Philip W. Phillips) Critical behavior of the Fredenhagen-Marcu order parameter at topological phase transitions (Frank Pollmann, Michael Knap) Pauli-Villars regularization of Kaluza-Klein Casimir energy with Lorentz symmetry

20240205 TopologicalNumbers.jl: A Julia package for topological number computation **** In pursuit of deconfined quantum criticality in Ising gauge theory entangled with single-component fermions A Beginner’s Guide to Black Hole Imaging and Associated Tests of General Relativity

20240206 Supersymmetry dictated topology in periodic gauge fields and realization in strained and twisted 2D materials Critical behavior around the fixed points driven by fermion-fermion interactions and disorders in the nodal-line superconductors Contrasting twisted bilayer graphene and transition metal dichalcogenides for fractional Chern insulators: an emergent gauge picture (Heqiu Li, Ying Su, Yong Baek Kim, Hae-Young Kee, Kai Sun, Shi-Zeng Lin) Topological metal and high-order Dirac point in cubic Rashba model (Noah F. Q. Yuan)

20240207 Collapse of Landau level in semi-Dirac materials DC current generation by dielectric loss in ferroelectrics (Takahiro Morimoto, Naoto Nagaosa) Universal entanglement spectrum in gapless symmetry protected topological states (Shao-Kai Jian)

20240208 Emergent Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless and Kugel-Khomskii physics in the triangular lattice bilayer colbaltate (Gang V. Chen) Field transformations in functional integral, effective action and functional flow equations

20240209 Altermagnetism from coincident Van Hove singularities: application to κ-Cl (Han-Gyeol Suh, Daniel F. Agterberg) Su-Schrieffer-Heeger quasicrystal: Topology, localization, and mobility edge Topological Kondo effect with spinful Majorana fermions (Elio J. K ̈onig)

20240212 Linear and Non-Linear Response of Quadratic Lindbladians Deconfinement transitions in three-dimensional compact lattice Abelian Higgs models with multiple-charge scalar fields (Ettore Vicari) Orbital optical activity in noncentrosymmetric metals and superconductors

20240213 The fate of entanglement (William Witczak-Krempa) Quantum geometric bound for saturated ferromagnetism (Junha Kang, Taekoo Oh, Junhyun Lee, Bohm-Jung Yang) Weakly interacting one-dimensional topological insulators: a bosonization approach Quantum reservoir probing of quantum phase transitions (Yukitoshi Motome) Hilbert-Space Ergodicity in Driven Quantum Systems: Obstructions and Designs (Soonwon Choi) Quasiparticle scattering interference in cuprate superconductors Principles of Quantum Communication Theory: A Modern Approach (Mark M. Wilde)

20240214 Quasicrystalline Spin Liquid (Debanjan Chowdhury) Complete Hilbert-Space Ergodicity in Quantum Dynamics of Generalized Fibonacci Drives (Soonwon Choi)

20240215 Quantum Theory of Phonon Induced Anomalous Hall Effect in 2D Massive Dirac metals Anomaly inflow, dualities, and quantum simulation of abelian lattice gauge theories induced by measurements Anomalous long-distance RKKY interaction in one-dimensional quasiperiodic chains (Junmo Jeon, SungBin Lee) Noncommutative Field Theory of the Tkachenko Mode: Symmetries and Decay Rate (Yi-Hsien Du, Sergej Moroz, Dung Xuan Nguyen, Dam Thanh Son)

20240216 Direction-dependent conductivity in planar Hall set-ups with tilted Weyl/multi-Weyl semimetals (Ipsita Mandal) Mirror Chern Bands and Weyl Nodal Loops in Altermagnets (Rafael M. Fernandes) Dissipation driven phase transition in the non-Hermitian Kondo model *** (Natan Andrei) Deconfined quantum criticality of nodal d-wave superconductivity, Néel order and charge order on the square lattice at half-filling ***** (Maine Christos, Henry Shackleton, Subir Sachdev, Zhu-Xi Luo) Replica topological order in quantum mixed states and quantum error correction Kennedy-Tasaki transformation and non-invertible symmetry in lattice models beyond one dimension Intertwined Magnetism and Superconductivity in Isolated Correlated Flat Bands **** (Johannes S. Hofmann, Debanjan Chowdhury) Topological Quantum Computation on a Chiral Kondo Chain (Elio J. K ̈onig, Alexei M. Tsvelik)

20240219 Kadanoff-Baym equations for interacting systems with dissipative Lindbladian dynamics Human-machine collaboration: ordering mechanism of rank−2 spin liquid on breathing pyrochlore lattice (Nicolas Sadoune, Ke Liu, Han Yan, Ludovic D.C. Jaubert, Nic Shannon, Lode Pollet) A model of non-Fermi liquid with power law resistivity: strange metal with a not-so-strange origin ***** (Patrick A. Lee) φ4 lattice model with cubic symmetry in three dimensions: RG-flow and first order phase transitions Lieb-Schultz-Mattis Theorem in Open Quantum Systems***** (Shinsei Ryu) Universal Quantum Computing with Field-Mediated Unruh–DeWitt Qubits **** (Michael J. Lawler)

20240220 Construction of optimized tight-binding models using ab initio Hamiltonian: Application to monolayer 2H-transition metal dichalcogenides (Sejoong Kim) Evidence of heavy fermion physics in the thermoelectric transport of magic angle twisted bilayer graphene (B. Andrei Bernevig) Holographic dual effective field theory for an SYK model ***** (Ki-Seok Kim) Stability of Quasiperiodic Superconductors **** (Nicole S. Ticea, Julian May-Mann, Jiewen Xiao, Erez Berg, Trithep Devakul) Deep learning methods for Hamiltonian parameter estimation and magnetic domain image generation in twisted van der Waals magnets (Kyoung-Min Kim) Still mystery after all these years — Unconventional superconductivity of Sr2RuO4 — Universal relation between energy gap and dielectric constant (Liang Fu) Nature abhors a vacuum - A simple rigorous example of thermalization in an isolated macro- scopic quantum system (Hal Tasaki) Excitations in the higher lattice gauge theory model for topological phases III: the (3+1)-dimensional case (Joe Huxford, Steven H. Simon)

20240221 Magnetic transitions of biphenylene network layers induced by external perturbations (Sejoong Kim) Josephson Signatures of the Superconducting Higgs/Amplitude Mode (Sang-Jun Choi) Excitonic quantum criticality: From bilayer graphene to narrow Chern bands ***** (Zhengyan Darius Shi, Hart Goldman, Zhihuan Dong, T. Senthil) Disorder-Free Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev models: Integrability and Quantum Chaos **** (Hosho Katsura) Nature of Topological Phase Transition of Kitaev Quantum Spin Liquids

20240222 A Classical Luttinger liquid *** (Riccardo Fantoni) Bipartite mutual information in classical many-body dynamics (Norman Y. Yao) Interplay between 2D ferromagnetism and transport at the surface of FeSi (Hyeok Yoon, Johnpierre Paglione) Bispectral duality and separation of variables from surface defect transition (Saebyeok Jeong)

20240223 The Thermoelectric Effect and Its Natural Heavy Fermion Explanation in Twisted Bilayer and Trilayer Graphene (Dmitri K. Efetov, B. Andrei Bernevig) Effective field theory for ersatz Fermi liquids *** (Xiaoyang Huang, Andrew Lucas, Umang Mehta, Marvin Qi) Fluctuations of the free energy of the spherical Sherrington–Kirkpatrick model with heavy-tailed interaction (Ji Oon Lee)

20240226 The Stability of Gapped Quantum Matter and Error-Correction with Adiabatic Noise (Sagar Vijay) Entanglement Microscopy: Tomography and Entanglement Measures via Quantum Monte Carlo (William Witczak-Krempa, Zi Yang Meng) Non-Invertible Duality Interfaces in Field Theories with Exotic Symmetries

20240227 Tunable incommensurability and spontaneous symmetry breaking in the reconstructed moiré-of-moiré lattices (Philip Kim, Young-Woo Son) Minimal Models for Altermagnetism *** (Daniel F. Agterberg) Linear Magnetoresistance from Glassy Orders *** (Jaewon Kim, Ehud Altman, Shubhayu Chatterjee)

20240228 Eigenstate switching of topologically ordered states using non-Hermitian perturbations (Cheol Hun Yeom, Beom Hyun Kim, Moon Jip Park) Quantum kinetic equation and thermal conductivity tensor for bosons ***** (Lucile Savary, Leon Balents) Exact Calculations of Coherent Information for Toric Codes under Decoherence: Identifying the Fundamental Error Threshold ***** (Jong Yeon Lee) Orbital selective order and Z3 Potts nematicity from a non-Fermi liquid *** (Andrew Hardy, Arun Paramekanti) Classification of electronic nematicity in three-dimensional crystals and quasicrystals (Daniel F. Agterberg. Rafael M. Fernandes)

20240229 Gradient Properties of Perturbative Multiscalar RG Flows to Six Loops Quantum glasses, reparameterization invariance, Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev models ****** (Subir Sachdev) Quantum anomalous Hall crystal at fractional filling of moire ́ superlattices (D. N. Sheng, Liang Fu) Amplified entanglement witnessed in a quantum critical metal *** (Yuan Fang, Mounica Mahankali, Yiming Wang, Lei Chen, Haoyu Hu, Silke Paschen, Qimiao Si) Kondo effect and its destruction in hetero-bilayer transition metal dichalcogenides *** (Fang Xie, Lei Chen, Qimiao Si) Disorder effects in spiral spin liquids: Long-range spin textures, Friedel-like oscillations, and spiral spin glasses *** (Matthias Vojta) Fractal Subsystem Symmetries, ’t Hooft Anomalies, and UV/IR Mixing Classical Non-Relativistic Fractons *** (S.L. Sondhi) NoRA: A Tensor Network Ansatz for Volume-Law Entangled Equilibrium States of Highly Connected Hamiltonians *** (Brian Swingle)