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20240301 Exploring rare-earth Kitaev magnets by massive-scale computational analysis (Seong-Hoon Jang, Yukitoshi Motome) Emergence of Weyl Points due to Spin Orbit Coupling in LK-99 SU(3) altermagnetism: Lattice models, chiral magnons, and flavor-split bands *** (Matthias Vojta) Topological flat bands, valley polarization, and interband superconductivity in magic-angle twisted bilayer graphene with proximitized spin-orbit couplings (Sankar Das Sarma) Superconducting instability in non-Fermi liquids *** (Ipsita Mandal)

20240304 Surface Chern-Simons theory for third-order topological insulators and superconductors Crystalline axion electrodynamics in charge-ordered Dirac semimetals (Taylor L. Hughes) Long-lived Topological Flatband Excitons in Semiconductor Moir ́e Heterostructures: a Bosonic Kane-Mele Model Platform (Sankar Das Sarma) Non-Abelian fractionalization in topological minibands **** (Aidan P. Reddy, Nisarga Paul, Ahmed Abouelkomsan, Liang Fu) Pair density wave order in multiband systems ***** (S. Raghu, Yi-Ming Wu) Superconductivity Mediated by Nematic Fluctuations in Tetragonal FeSe1−xSx (Rafael M. Fernandes,6 and Eduardo H. da Silva Neto) Strong non-linear response of strange metals ***** (Serhii Kryhin, Subir Sachdev, Pavel A. Volkov) Aspects of superconformal symmetry

20240305 Renormalization group for Anderson localization on high-dimensional lattices *** Graphene conductivity: Kubo model versus QFT-based model ***** Magnetic Weyl-Kondo semimetals induced by quantum fluctuations *** (Yuan Fang, Lei Chen, Qimiao Si) Higher vortexability: zero field realization of higher Landau levels ***** (Manato Fujimoto, Daniel E. Parker, Junkai Dong, Eslam Khalaf, Ashvin Vishwanath, Patrick Ledwith) Universal spectral moment theorem and its applications in non-Hermitian systems (Kai Sun) Proof of the nonintegrability of PXP model and general spin-1/2 systems (HaRu K. Park, SungBin Lee) Computational supremacy in quantum simulation *** Particle-hole asymmetric phases in doped twisted bilayer graphene (Run Hou, Shouvik Sur, Lucas K. Wagner, Andriy H. Nevidomskyy) Probing p-wave superconductivity in UTe2 via point-contact junctions (Hyeok Yoon) Reclaiming the Lost Conformality in a non-Hermitian Quantum 5-state Potts Model ***** (Han Ma, Yin-Chen He) Hasse Diagrams for Gapless SPT and SSB Phases with Non-Invertible Symmetries Stable non-Fermi liquid fixed point at the onset of incommensurate 2kF charge density wave order ***** (Ipsita Mandal) Higher form symmetries and orbifolds of two-dimensional Yang–Mills theory (Richard J. Szabo)

20240306 Operator Learning Renormalization Group *** (Roger G. Melko) Tunable quantum criticality and pseudocriticality across the fixed-point annihilation in the anisotropic spin-boson model *** Quantum critical fluctuations generate intensely magnetic field–resilient superconductivity in UTe2

20240307 Correlated decoding of logical algorithms with transversal gates (Dolev Bluvstein, Mikhail D. Lukin) Decoupling the electronic gap from the spin Chern number in disordered higher-order topological insulators (J. H. Pixley) Nonlinear Landau fan diagram and aperiodic magnetic oscillations in three-dimensional systems Electron correlations in the kagome flat band metal CsCr3Sb5 (Shouvik Sur, Qimiao Si) Aharonov-Bohm effect mediated by massive photons Relating the Hall conductivity to the many-body Chern number using Fermi’s Golden rule and Kramers-Kronig relations QCD critical point and hydrodynamic fluctuations in relativistic fluids Backfiring Bosonisation Interaction-driven Roton Condensation in C = 2/3 Fractional Quantum Anomalous Hall State (Kai Sun, Zi Yang Meng) SU(N) Kondo-Heisenberg chain: Phase diagram, Ising criticality, and the coexistence of heavy quasiparticles and valence bond solid order (Fakher F. Assaad)

20240308 Worldsheet patching, 1-form symmetries, and “Landau-star” phase transitions Robust teleportation of a surface code and cascade of topological quantum phase transitions (Simon Trebst) Classifying bulk-edge anomalies in the Dirac Hamiltonian Theory of Half-Integer Fractional Quantum Spin Hall Insulator Edges (Ady Stern, Trithep Devakul) Controllable Skyrmion Islands in a Moire ́ Magnet (Jemin Park, HaRu K. Park, SungBin Lee) Parent Berry curvature and the ideal anomalous Hall crystal (Trithep Devakul) Notes on complex q = 2 SYK Lectures on 4d N = 1 dynamics and related topics (Yuji Tachikawa)

20240311 Anomalous Hall Crystals in Rhombohedral Multilayer Graphene II: General Mechanism and a Minimal Model ***** (Tomohiro Soejima (副島智大), Junkai Dong, Taige Wang, Tianle Wang, Michael P. Zaletel, Ashvin Vishwanath, Daniel E. Parker) Playing nonlocal games across a topological phase transition on a quantum computer (Rahul Nandkishore) Non-Invertible Symmetries, Anomalies and Scattering Amplitudes ***** A discrete formulation for three-dimensional winding number (Ken Shiozaki)

20240312 What is a proper definition of spin current? –Lessons from the Kane-Mele Model *** Thermal conductivity of nonunitary triplet superconductors: application to UTe2 *** (P. J. Hirschfeld) A Path Integral for Chord Diagrams and Chaotic-Integrable Transitions in Double Scaled SYK Unconventional topological mixed-state transition and critical phase induced by self-dual coherent errors ***** (Yu-Hsueh Chen, Tarun Grover) Symmetry Resolved Measures in Quantum Field Theory: a Short Review ***

20240313 Minimal Fractional Topological Insulator in half-filled conjugate moir ́e Chern bands ***** (Chao-Ming Jian, Cenke Xu) Stability of Anomalous Hall Crystals in multilayer rhombohedral graphene ***** (Zhihuan Dong, Adarsh S. Patri, T. Senthil) Operator size growth in Lindbladian SYK **** Topological Data Analysis of Monopoles in U(1) Lattice Gauge Theory *** Renormalization of Complex Networks with Partition Functions (Sungwon Jung, Sang Hoon Lee, Jaeyoon Cho) Instantaneous Response and Quantum Geometry of Insulators ** Spatially oscillating correlation functions in (2 + 1)-dimensional four-fermion models: The mixing of scalar and vector modes at finite density **** Emergent (2+1)D topological orders from iterative (1+1)D gauging *** Higher condensation theory *** Diagnostics of mixed-state topological order and breakdown of quantum memory **** (Ruihua Fan, Yimu Bao, Ehud Altman, Ashvin Vishwanath)

20240314 Dipolar BF theory and dipolar braiding statistics **** (Jung Hoon Han) Nodal d-wave pairing from spin fluctuations in a thermally disordered anti-ferromagnet Revisiting the Thomas-Fermi Potential for Three-Dimensional Condensed Matter Systems

20240315 On spontaneous breaking of the SO(2N) symmetry in the Gross-Neveu model ****** (SangEun Han, Igor F. Herbut) Quantum Many-Body Scarring in 2 + 1D Gauge Theories with Dynamical Matter

20240318 Tuneable band topology and optical conductivity in altermagnets **** (Johannes Knolle) Role of many phonon modes on the high-temperature linear-in-T electronic resistivity *** (Sankar Das Sarma, Yi-Ting Tu) Perturbative description of high-Tc superconductivity in the Hubbard model via unitary transformation and classical spins Fermi Liquid near a q=0 Charge Quantum Critical Point ***** (R. David Mayrhofer, Peter W ̈olfle, Andrey V. Chubukov) Disordered non-Fermi liquid fixed point for two-dimensional metals at Ising-nematic quantum critical points ***** (Kyoung-Min Kim, Ki-Seok Kim) Minimal Models for Altermagnetism **** (Merc`e Roig, Andreas Kreisel, Yue Yu, Brian M. Andersen, Daniel F. Agterberg) Higgs Condensates are Symmetry-Protected Topological Phases: I. Discrete Symmetries ***** (Ruben Verresen, Umberto Borla, Ashvin Vishwanath, Sergej Moroz, Ryan Thorngren) The Gauge Picture of Quantum Dynamics *** (Kevin Slagle) SO(n) AKLT Chains as Symmetry Protected Topological Quantum Ground States (Michael Ragone)

20240319 Orbital magnetic susceptibility of circular graphene nanoribbons studied using tight-binding model Exceptional points of any order in a generalized Hatano-Nelson model Quantum memory at nonzero temperature in a thermodynamically trivial system (Andrew Lucas) Understanding Diffusion Models by Feynman’s Path Integral Out-of-equilibrium scaling of the energy density along the critical relaxational flow after a quench of the temperature (Ettore Vicari) A Classical Chiral Spin-Liquid from Chiral Interactions on the Pyrochlore Lattice (Matthias Vojta) Numerical observation of SU(N) Nagaoka ferromagnetism SU(3) gauge field of magnons in antiferromagnetic skyrmion crystals Non-Fermi liquid behavior of scattering rate in three-orbital Emery model Aspects of Non-Relativistic Quantum Field Theories **** Measurement-induced phase transition for free fermions above one dimension ***** (Alexander D. Mirlin) Bosonisation as the Hubbard Stratonovich Transformation ***** THREE LECTURES ON THE CURCI-FERRARI MODEL A note on the dimensional regularization and the on-mass-shell renormalization in the two-loop order

20240320 Effects of forward disorder on quasi-1D superconductors (Thierry Giamarchi) Unraveling the dynamics of magnetization in topological insulator-ferromagnet heterostructures via spin-orbit torque **** (Taekoo Oh, Naoto Nagaosa) Chiral-symmetric Topological Origin of Nonlinear Fixed Points The Wilson-Fisher Fixed point revisited: importance of the form of the cutoff Strong-coupling critical behavior in three-dimensional lattice Abelian gauge models with charged N-component scalar fields and SO(N) symmetry ***** (Ettore Vicari) Characterizing the Entanglement of Anyonic Systems using the Anyonic Partial Transpose (Nico Kirchner, Wonjune Choi, Frank Pollmann) Non-Abelian and Abelian descendants of vortex spin liquid: fractional quantum spin Hall effect in twisted MoTe2 **** (Ya-Hui Zhang) Quantum Fischer information in a strange metal ***** (Qimiao Si, Fakher F. Assaad, Silke Paschen) Higher time-derivative theories from space-time interchanged integrable field theories ****

20240321 Quantum Chaos on Edge ***** (Alexander Altland, Kun Woo Kim, Tobias Micklitz, Maedeh Rezaei, Julian Sonner, Jacobus J. M. Verbaarschot) Measurement-only dynamical phase transition of topological and boundary orders in toric code and gauge-Higgs models ***** New opportunities in condensed matter physics for nanoscale quantum sensors ***** (Eugene Demler) General criterion for non-Hermitian skin effects and Application: Fock space skin effects in many body systems *** Vison condensation and spinon confinement in a kagome lattice Z2 spin liquid: A numerical study of a quantum dimer model *** (Kyusung Hwang) Scale Invariance at the Edge (Gordon W. Semenoff)

20240322 Topological Dipole Insulator ***** (Ho Tat Lam, Jung Hoon Han, Yizhi You) Quantum chaos in the sparse SYK model *** (John Preskill) From Local to Emergent Altermagnetism: Footprints of Free Fermions Band Topology (Bitan Roy) Fractonic Quantum Quench in Dipole-constrained Bosons *** (Yun-Tak Oh, Jung Hoon Han, Hyun-Yong Lee) Exact hole-induced SU(N) flavor-singlets in certain U = ∞ SU(N) Hubbard models (Kyung-Su Kim, Hosho Katsura) Anomaly in open quantum systems and its implications on mixed-state quantum phases

20240325 Quantum Valley Hall effect without Berry curvature *** (Bohm-Jung Yang) Compressible quantum matter with vanishing Drude weight (Ady Stern, Liang Fu) Open system dynamics from fundamental Lagrangian Bipartite Sachdev-Ye Models with Read-Saleur Symmetries (J. Classen-Howes, P. Fendley, A. Pandey, S. A. Parameswaran) Edge currents as probe of topology in twisted cuprate bilayers (Marcel Franz) Transforming from Kitaev to Disguised Ising Chain: Application to CoNb2O6 (Hae-Young Kee) Magnonic Superconductivity (Liang Fu) Pair density wave order in multiband systems **** (S. Raghu, Yi-Ming Wu)

20240326 parity violation and Parity-time-reversal-symmetric magnets (Youichi Yanase) Quantum Field Theory of Electrons and Nuclei Locally Purified Density Operators for Symmetry-Protected Topological Phases in Mixed States *** (Zhen Bi) Evidence for a finite-momentum Cooper pair in tricolor d-wave superconducting superlattices (Y. Yanase, Y. Matsuda)

20240327 Origin of competing charge density waves in kagome metal ScV6Sn6 (Sun-Woo Kim) Altermagnetism and superconductivity in a multiorbital t-J model (Anjishnu Bose, Arun Paramekanti) Negative electronic compressibility in charge islands in twisted bilayer graphene Quantum Liquids: Emergent higher-rank gauge theory and fractons ***** (Yizhi You) Critical Behavior of Non-Hermitian Kondo effect in Pseudogap System ***** Linear dynamics and classical tests of the gravitational quantum field theory **** Axial Anomalies of Maximally Supersymmetric Tensor Theories **** (Piljin Yi)

20240328 Building defect conformal field theory from the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev interactions **** (Shao-Kai Jian) Chiral Virasoro algebra from a single wavefunction (Isaac H. Kim, John McGreevy, Bowen Shi)

20240329 (2+1)D topological phases with RT symmetry: many-body invariant, classification, and higher order edge modes (Ryohei Kobayashi, Yuxuan Zhang, Yan-Qi Wang, Maissam Barkeshli) First Landau Level Physics in Second Moiré Band of 2.1 Twisted Bilayer MoTe (Cheong-Eung Ahn, Wonjun Lee, Kunihiro Yananose, Youngwook Kim, Gil Young Cho) Topological Phases and Phase Transitions with Dipolar Symmetry Breaking **** (Zhen Bi) Feynman Diagrams as Computational Graphs ***** Strong-coupling approach to temperature dependence of competing orders of superconductivity: Possible time-reversal symmetry breaking and nontrivial topology Fracton Self-Statistics *** (Wilbur Shirley, Michael Hermele) Doubly special relativity as a non-local quantum field theory *** TOPOLOGICAL PHASES OF UNITARY DYNAMICS: CLASSIFICATION IN CLIFFORD CATEGORY (JEONGWAN HAAH)