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20240401 Non-invertible symmetries act locally by quantum operations Spinon Kondo lattice in quantum spin liquids Quantum Fisher information in a strange metal **** (Qimiao Si, Fakher F. Assaad, Silke Paschen) On the Renormalisation group, protein folding, and naturalness Synthetic tensor gauge fields *** Multivalued (Wess-Zumino-Novikov) Functional in Fluid Mechanics *** (P.B. Wiegmann) The g-theorem from Strong Subadditivity

20240404 Dual-Unitary Classical Shadow Tomography (Yi-Zhuang You) Inversion and Tunability of Van Hove Singularities in AV3Sb5 (A = K, Rb, and Cs) kagome metals (Myung Joon Han)

20240403 Cluster state as a non-invertible symmetry protected topological phase (Sahand Seifnashri, Shu-Heng Shao) Strange Sounds Liouville Theory: An Introduction to Rigorous Approaches (Edward Witten)

20240404 A review: The Gor’kov-Teitel’baum thermal activation model for cuprates Electronic transport, metal-insulator transition, and Wigner crystallization in transition metal dichalcogenide monolayers Yi Huang and Sankar Das Sarma

20240404 Electronic transport, metal-insulator transition, and Wigner crystallization in transition metal dichalcogenide monolayers (Yi Huang, Sankar Das Sarma) A review: The Gor’kov-Teitel’baum thermal activation model for cuprates Critical Properties of Weak Measurement Induced Phase Transitions in Random Quantum Circuits (J. H. Pixley)

20240408 Flavor and Fluctuations Conformal geometry from entanglement ***** (Isaac H. Kim, Xiang Li, Ting-Chun Lin, John McGreevy, Bowen Shi) Singlet, triplet, and mixed all-to-all pairings emerging from incoherent fermions Emergent photons and fractionalized excitations in a quantum spin liquid *** (Félix Desrochers, Sang-Wook Cheong, Yong Baek Kim)

20240409 Heat flows from hot to cold - A simple rigorous example of thermalization in an isolated macroscopic quantum system (Hal Tasaki) Bipartite Fluctuations of Critical Fermi Surfaces Critical behavior of dirty parafermionic chains Optical absorption signatures of superconductors driven by Van Hove singularities (Hyeok-Jun Yang, Yi-Ting Hsu) Disorder operators in 2D Fermi and non-Fermi liquids through multidimensional bosonization *** (Meng Cheng)

20240410 Strict area law implies commuting parent Hamiltonian (Isaac H. Kim, Ting-Chun Lin, Daniel Ranard, Bowen Shi) Quantum Spin Liquids in Weak Mott Insulators with a Spin-Orbit Coupling (Asimpunya Mitra, Daniel J. Schultz, Yong Baek Kim) Tensor gauge fields and dark matter in general relativity with fermions (Kevin Cahill)

20240411 Solvable models of two-level systems coupled to itinerant electrons: Robust non-Fermi liquid and quantum critical pairing (J ̈org Schmalian, Erez Berg) Direct transition from a fractional quantum anomalous Hall state to a smectic state with the same Hall conductance (Zi Yang Meng) Three-dimensional Z2-gauge N-vector models *Ettore Vicari)

20240412 Exact deconfined gauge structures in the higher-spin Yao-Lee model: a quantum spin-orbital liquid with spin fractionalization and non-Abelian anyons (Hong Yao) Stability of mixed-state quantum phases via finite Markov length (Timothy H. Hsieh)

20240415 Transport properties in non-Fermi liquid phases of nodal-point semimetals (Ipsita Mandal, Hermann Freire) A Microscopic Perspective on Moir ́e Materials ****(Kevin P. Nuckolls, Ali Yazdani) Fractal spectrum in twisted bilayer optical lattice Benchmarking digital quantum simulations and optimization above hundreds of qubits using quantum critical dynamics Floquet SYK wormholes *** Conformal field theory with composite defect QUANTUM ERROR CORRECTION IN KITAEV’S QUANTUM DOUBLE MODEL FOR ABELIAN GROUPS Stability of Anomalous Hall Crystals in multilayer rhombohedral graphene **** (Zhihuan Dong, Adarsh S. Patri, and T. Senthil)

20240416 Frustrated Magnetism, Symmetries and Z2-Equivariant Topology Dynamical Mean Field Theory for Real Materials on a Quantum Computer *** Review on Axions T-Minkowski noncommutative spacetimes II: classical field theory Monotonicity of renormalization group flow, Perelman’s entropy functional, and emergent dual holography in the worldsheet nonlinear σ model (Ki-Seok Kim, Arpita Mitra,a Debangshu Mukherjee, Shinsei Ryu) Causality and Energy Conditions in Nonlinear Electrodynamics (Paul K. Townsend)

20240417 Berry-dipole Semimetals Modulating Hamiltonian Approach to Quantum Many-Body Systems and Crystalline Topological Phases Protected by Generalized Magnetic Translations (Yuan Yao, Akira Furusaki) Holographic Renormalization Group and Stress Tensor Operators Classification of the Mott gap **** (Sang-Jin Sin) Anomaly of Subsystem Symmetries in Exotic and Foliated BF Theories *** Phase diagram of the quantum spin-1/2 Heisenberg-Γ model on a frustrated zigzag chain Phase sensitive information from a planar Josephson junction (Andrew C. Yuan, Steven A. Kivelson) Pair density waves in the strong-coupling two-dimensional Holstein-Hubbard model: a variational Monte Carlo study (Zhaoyu Han, Steven A. Kivelson, Hong Yao) Applicability of Eliashberg theory for systems with electron-phonon and electron-electron interaction: a comparative analysis (Andrey V.Chubukov) Gauge theory is about the geometry of internal spaces ****

20240418 Higher Hall conductivity from a single wave function: Obstructions to symmetry-preserving gapped edge of (2+1)D topological order **** (Shinsei Ryu) Lieb-Schultz-Mattis constraints for the insulating phases of the one-dimensional SU(N ) Kondo lattice model **** (Philippe Lecheminant, Keisuke Totsuka) Sublinear transport in Kagome metals: Interplay of Dirac cones and Van Hove singularities ****

20240419 Dyakonov-Perel-like Orbital and Spin Relaxations in Centrosymmetric Systems (Jeonghun Sohn, Jongjun M. Lee, Hyun-Woo Lee) Mass-Assisted Local Deconfinement in a Confined Z2 Lattice Gauge Theory The birth of StatPhys: The 1949 Florence conference at the juncture of post-WWII reconstruction of national and international physics Eight-color chiral spin liquid in the S = 1 bilinear-biquadratic model with Kitaev interactions (Rico Pohle, Nic Shannon, Yukitoshi Motome) Dirac spin liquid as an “unnecessary” quantum critical point on square lattice antiferromagnets ***** (Yunchao Zhang, Xue-Yang Song, T. Senthil) Remote detectability from entanglement bootstrap I: Kirby’s torus trick (Bowen Shi, Jin-Long Huang, John McGreevy)

20240422 Effective light-induced Hamiltonian for atoms with large nuclear spin Quantum Spacetimes from General Relativity

20240423 Gauged Gaussian PEPS - A High Dimensional Tensor Network Formulation for Lattice Gauge Theories Dumbbell Fermions and Fermi-Pauli Duality (Tom Banks) Dynamical scaling and Planckian dissipation due to heavy-fermion quantum criticality **** (Seung-Sup B. Lee, Gabriel Kotliar, Jan von Delft) Multipolar Skyrmion Crystals in Non-Kramers Doublet Systems Anomalies of Non-Invertible Symmetries in (3+1)d (Clay Co ́rdova, Po-Shen Hsin, Carolyn Zhang) Supergeometric Approach to Quantum Field Theory Fracton gauge fields from higher-dimensional gravity *** Trace Anomaly of Weyl Fermions via the Path Integral INTEGRABILITY AND COMBINATORICS

20240424 Effective Field Theory for Spontaneously Broken Symmetry ***** Dynamical properties of Fermi-Fermi mixtures of dipolar and non-dipolar atoms Designing open quantum systems with known steady states: Davies generators and beyond (Jinkang Guo, Oliver Hart, Chi-Fang Chen, Aaron J. Friedman, Andrew Lucas) Symmetry fractionalization and duality defects in Maxwell theory Fermionic tensor network methods Digital Quantum Simulation for Spectroscopy of Schwinger Model **** (Dongwook Ghim) Shot noise in coupled electron-boson systems (Shouvik Sur, Qimiao Si) Raman response and shear viscosity in the non-Fermi liquid phase of Luttinger semimetals (Ipsita Mandal, Hermann Freire)

20240425 Renormalization group of topological scattering networks *** Neural network-based recognition of multiple nanobubbles in graphene (Ara Go) Path integral approach to bosonisation and nonlinearities in exciton-polariton systems Tricriticality in 4D U(1) Lattice Gauge Theory Partial Renormalization of Quasiparticle Interactions Emergent Topological Semimetal **** (Q. Si, S. Paschen) Gauge Invariance through Gauge Fixing ****

20240426 Euler band topology in spin-orbit coupled magnetic systems (Seung Hun Lee, Yuting Qian, Bohm-Jung Yang) Preparing matrix product states via fusion: constraints and extensions *** (David T. Stephen, Oliver Hart) Classifying One-Dimensional Quantum States Prepared by a Single Round of Measurements *** (Rahul Sahay, Ruben Verresen) Dirac Impurity in a Luttinger liquid (Thierry Giamarchi) Manipulating Majorana zero modes in the spin-1/2 Kitaev ladder (Hae-Young Kee) A Generalised Haldane Map from the Matrix Product State Path Integral to the Critical Theory of the J1-J2 Chain Pseudogap phase as fluctuating pair density wave Axial Anomalies of Maximally Supersymmetric Tensor Theories (Piljin Yi)

20240429 Wavefunction collapse driven by non-Hermitian disturbance Ferrimagnetism of ultracold fermions in a multi-band Hubbard system *** (Subir Sachdev) Phase diagram of generalized XY model using tensor renormalization group Finite-Depth Preparation of Tensor Network States from Measurement **** (Rahul Sahay, Ruben Verresen) Time-Reversal Anomalies of QCD3 and QED3 (Po-Shen Hsin) Broken time reversal symmetry vestigial state for a two-component superconductor in two spatial dimensions Disentangling spin excitation continua in classical and quantum magnets using 2D nonlinear spectroscopy (Emily Z. Zhang, Ciar ́an Hickey, Yong Baek Kim) Higgs Phases and Boundary Criticality in memoriam Peter Higgs **** Phase transitions out of quantum Hall states in moiré materials **** (Xue-Yang Song, Ya-Hui Zhang, T. Senthil) Chiral spin liquid in a Z3 Kitaev model (Meng Cheng)

20240430 Charge density-waves with non-trivial orbital textures in rare earth tritellurides (Rafael M. Fernandes, Jennifer Cano) Charge and spin density wave orders in field-biased Bernal bilayer graphene (Zhiyu Dong, Patrick A. Lee, Leonid Levitov) Tuning to the Edge of the Abyss in SU(5) *** (Howard Georgi) An alternative to perturbative renormalization in 3+1 dimensional field theories ***