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20240501 Origin of Superconductivity in Rhombohedral Trilayer Graphene: Quasiparticle Pairing within the Inter-Valley Coherent Phase Topological holography for fermions *** (Rui Wen, Weicheng Ye, Andrew C. Potter) Boundary effect and quantum phases in spin chains *** (Jaeyoon Cho) Electromagnetic response of spinful Majorana fermions (Masatoshi Sato) Anomaly and invertible field theory with higher-form symmetry: Extended group cohomology

20240502 Phase shifts, band geometry and responses in triple-Q charge and spin density waves (Ying-Ming Xie, Naoto Nagaosa) Microstructural and Transport Characteristics of Triply Periodic Bicontinuous Materials (Jaeuk Kim) Dipole-Obstructed Cooper Pairing: Theory and Application to j = 3/2 Superconductors Type II t-J model in charge transfer regime in bilayer La3Ni2O7 and trilayer La4Ni3O10 ***** (Hanbit Oh, Boran Zhou, Ya-Hui Zhang) Quasiuniversality from all-in-all-out Weyl quantum criticality in pyrochlore iridates ***** (Lukas Janssen) Four loop renormalization in six dimensions using Forcer (J.A. Gracey)

20240503 Schwinger-Keldysh nonequilibrium quantum field theory of open quantum systems beyond the Markovian regime: Application to the spin-boson model *** Quasi-Nambu-Goldstone modes in many-body scar models Non-perturbative signatures of fractons in the twisted multi-flavor Schwinger Model (Philipp Hauke)

20240506 Interacting quasiperiodic spin chains in the prethermal regime (Sankar Das Sarma) Dynamical Freezing in Exactly Solvable Models of Driven Chaotic Quantum Dots (Haoyu Guo, Rohit Mukherjee, Debanjan Chowdhury) Fractional quantum anomalous Hall effect in a semimetal Fractonic criticality in Rydberg atom arrays Piezoresistivity as an Order Parameter for Ferroaxial Transitions (Rafael M. Fernandes) Floquet engineered inhomogeneous quantum chaos in critical systems (Bastien Lapierre, Tokiro Numasawa, Titus Neupert, Shinsei Ryu) “Observables” in de Sitter Quantum Gravity: in Perturbation Theory and Beyond (Tom Banks) Comparing the decoherence effects due to black holes versus ordinary matter (Juan Maldacena) Lectures on Resurgence in Integrable Field Theories

20240507 Higher-order topology protected by latent crystalline symmetries Spontaneous Strong Symmetry Breaking in Open Systems: Purification Perspective (Pablo Sala, Sarang Gopalakrishnan, Masaki Oshikawa, Yizhi You) Dimensional reduction gauge and low-dimensionalization in four dimensional QCD Revisiting the spatially inhomogeneous condensates in the (1 + 1)-dimensional chiral Gross-Neveu model via the bosonic two-point function in the infinite-N limit *** The description of two-dimensional altermagnetism Strong-to-Weak Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking in Mixed Quantum States (Leonardo A. Lessa, Ruochen Ma, Jian-Hao Zhang, Zhen Bi, Meng Cheng, Chong Wang) Towards a classification of mixed-state topological orders in two dimensions (Tyler Ellison, Meng Cheng) Graphene conductivity: Kubo model versus QFT-based model Solvable models for 2+1D quantum critical points: Loop soups of 1+1D conformal field theories (Thomas Scaffidi) Holographic dual effective field theory for an SYK model (Yoon-Seok Choun, Hyeon Jung Kim, and Ki-Seok Kim)

20240508 Interplay between short-range and critical long-range fluctuations in the out-of-equilibrium behavior of the particle density at quantum transitions (Ettore Vicari) Emergent Conformal Symmetry at the Multicritical Point of (2+1)D SO(5) Model with Wess-Zumino-Witten Term on Sphere (Zi Yang Meng) Remark on neutrino oscillations (Kazuo Fujikawa) Symmetry-enforced many-body separability transitions (Tarun Grover) Conformal invariance and composite operators: A strategy for improving the derivative expansion of the nonperturbative renormalization group

20240509 Non-anomalous non-invertible symmetries in 1+1D from gapped boundaries of SymTFTs Three-dimensional higher-order saddle points induced flat bands in Co-based kagome metals

20240510 Switching between superconductivity and current density waves in Bernal bilayer graphene ***** (Jun Ho Son, Yi-Ting Hsu, Eun-Ah Kim) Quantum Communication and Mixed-State Order in Decohered Symmetry-Protected Topological States **** (Zhehao Zhang, Utkarsh Agrawal, Sagar Vijay) Illustrating the Categorical Landau Paradigm in Lattice Models (Apoorv Tiwari) Higher Berry Curvature from the Wave Function I: Schmidt Decomposition and Matrix Product States ***** (Ophelia Evelyn Sommer, Xueda Wen, Ashvin Vishwanath) Higher Berry Curvature from the Wave function II: Locally Parameterized States Beyond One Dimension ***** (Ophelia Evelyn Sommer, Ashvin Vishwanath, Xueda Wen) Higher Berry Phase from Projected Entangled Pair States in (2+1) dimensions *** (Shuhei Ohyama, Shinsei Ryu) Higher Berry Connection for Matrix Product States *** (Shuhei Ohyama, Shinsei Ryu) Quantum Phases and Transitions in Spin Chains with Non-Invertible Symmetries (Arkya Chatterjee, O ̈mer M. Aksoy, Xiao-Gang Wen) Optical Conductivity in Symmetric Mass Generation Insulators ***** (Meng Zeng, Fu Xu, Da-Chuan Lu, Yi-Zhuang You) Lattice Models for Phases and Transitions with Non-Invertible Symmetries (Apoorv Tiwari) Noncrystalline topological superconductors (Bitan Roy) A TOUCH OF QUANTUM FIELD THEORY

20240513 Wilsonian Renormalization of Neural Network Gaussian Processes Non-Bloch band theory of sub-symmetry-protected topological phases (Sonu Verma, Moon Jip Park) Topological phase diagram of the Haldane model on a Bishamon-kikko–honeycomb lattice (Yukitoshi Motome) SO(5) multicriticality in two-dimensional quantum magnets (Anders W. Sandvik) Who told you magnetization is a vector in 4 − ε dimensions? ***** (Yu Nakayama) LIE GROUPS AND LIE ALGEBRAS ***** Macroscopic Irreversibility in Quantum Systems: ETH and Equilibration in a Free Fermion Chain (Hal Tasaki) Static Quantum Errors and Purification (Joonwoo Bae)

20240514 How much entanglement is needed for emergent anyons and fermions? (Zhi Li, Dongjin Lee, Beni Yoshida) Finite-size corrections to the energy spectra of gapless one-dimensional systems in the presence of boundaries (Masaki Oshikawa) Phi4tools: Compilation of Feynman diagrams for Landau-Ginzburg-Wilson theories Electrical conductivity of hot relativistic plasma in a strong magnetic field Efficient soft-output decoders for the surface code (John Preskill)

20240515 An Area Law for Entanglement Entropy in Particle Scattering *** Random Bond perturbations of the O(2) vector model From the Quantum Breakdown Model to the Lattice Gauge Theory Global anomalies of Green’s function zeros **** Generalized Hertz action and quantum criticality of two-dimensional Fermi systems Quantum oscillations in the hole-doped cuprates and the confinement of spinons ***** (Pietro M. Bonetti, Maine Christos, Subir Sachdev) Z2 order fractionalization, topological phase transition, and odd frequency pairing in an exactly solvable spin-charge ladder Mean-field theory of first-order quantum superconductor-insulator transition Plaquette Models, Cellular Automata, and Measurement-induced Criticality Bohr and von Neumann on the Universality of Quantum Mechanics: Materials for the History of the Quantum Measurement Process

20240516 Augmenting Density Matrix Renormalization Group with Clifford Circuits Space of non-Fermi liquids ***** (Shubham Kukreja, Afshin Besharat, Sung-Sik Lee) Detecting Quantum Anomalies in Open Systems Emergent Conformal Symmetry at the Multicritical Point of (2+1)D SO(5) Model with Wess-Zumino-Witten Term on Sphere (Zi Yang Meng) Universal relation between energy gap and dielectric constant *** (Yugo Onishi, Liang Fu) Discrete Gauge Anomalies and Instantons ***** (Piljin Yi)

20240517 Theory of possible sliding regimes in twisted bilayer WTe2 ***** (Yi-Ming Wu, Chaitanya Murthy, Steven A. Kivelson) Non-Hermitian Topology in Hermitian Topological Matter Topological Floquet engineering of a three-band optical lattice with dual-mode resonant driving (Y. Shin) Gravitational Chern-Simons form and Chiral Gravitational Anomaly in Fluid Mechanics (P.B. Wiegmann) Fermionic Non-Invertible Symmetries in (1+1)d: Gapped and Gapless Phases, Transitions, and Symmetry TFTs (Apoorv Tiwari) Fermionic quantum criticality through the lens of topological holography Absence of localization in Weyl semimetals (A.A. Burkov) Tensor network formulation of symmetry protected topological phases in mixed states ***** (Hanyu Xue, Jong Yeon Lee, Yimu Bao) Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spacetime Approach to the Backreaction of Dynamical Casimir Effect Introductory visual lecture on QCD at large-Nc: bound states, chiral models, and phase diagram

20240520 Witnessing Entanglement and Quantum Correlations in Condensed Matter: A Review Locally Purified Density Operators for Symmetry-Protected Topological Phases in Mixed States (Zhen Bi)

20240521 Crumpled-to-flat transition of quenched disordered membranes at two-loop order Direct imaging of asymmetric interfaces and electrostatic potentials inside a hafnia-zirconia ferroelectric nanocapacitor Tunable Spatiotemporal Orders in Driven Insulators (Premala Chandra) Chiral symmetry and Atiyah-Patodi-Singer index theorem for staggered fermions *** Non-Abelian Self-Correcting Quantum Memory **** (Po-Shen Hsin, Ryohei Kobayashi, Guanyu Zhu)

20240522 Eigenstate localization in a many-body quantum system **** (Chao Yin, Rahul Nandkishore, Andrew Lucas) Entanglement transitions in SU(1,1) quantum dynamics: applications to Bose-Einstein condensates and periodically driven coupled oscillators (Heng-Hsi Li, Po-Yao Chang) Emergent Majorana Metal from a Chiral Spin Liquid *** Magnetic superconductivity Statistical Field Theory and Neural Structures Dynamics IV: Field-Theoretic Formalism for Interacting Collective States

20240524 Deep learning lattice gauge theories Topology Obstructing Anderson Localization of Light **** (Alexander Altland) Interacting phase diagram of twisted bilayer MoTe2 in magnetic field (Oskar Vafek) Electric, thermal, and thermoelectric magnetoconductivity for Weyl/multi-Weyl semimetals in planar Hall set-ups induced by the combined effects of topology and strain (Ipsita Mandal) Lindbladian way for the relaxation time approximation, application to Kibble - Zurek processes due to environment temperature quench, and to Lindbladian perturbation theory *** Boundary Effects and Confinement in the Theory of Nonabelian Gauge Fields Quantum Energy Teleportation versus Information Teleportation Non-invertible and higher-form symmetries in 2+1d lattice gauge theories (Yichul Choi, Yaman Sanghavi, Shu-Heng Shao, Yunqin Zheng) Spin Green’s Function Approach to Understanding Localized Majorana Fermions in the Kitaev Model Schwinger-Dyson equation on the complex plane − A four-fermion interaction model at finite temperature −

20240527 Slow measurement-only dynamics of entanglement in Pauli subsystem codes (S. A. Parameswaran) Local and nonlocal stochastic control of quantum chaos: Measurement- and control-induced criticality (Justin H. Wilson, J. H. Pixley) Arresting Quantum Chaos Dynamically in Transmon Arrays (Rohit Mukherjee, Haoyu Guo, Keiran Lewellen, Debanjan Chowdhury) Lieb-Schultz-Mattis theorems and generalizations in long-range interacting systems (Liujun Zou) Realizing triality and p-ality by lattice twisted gauging in (1+1)d quantum spin systems ***** (Da-Chuan Lu, Zhengdi Sun, Yi-Zhuang You) Lieb-Schultz-Mattis Theorem with Long-Range Interactions (Ruochen Ma) Revealing Quadrupolar Excitations with Non-Linear Spectroscopy (Simon Trebst) A journey on self-G-ality An alternative to perturbative renormalization in 3+1 dimensional field theories

20240528 Locality, Correlations, Information, and non-Hermitian Quantum Systems Many-body systems with spurious modular commutators (Michael Levin) Classifying 2D topological phases: mapping ground states to string-nets (Isaac H. Kim) Thermalization and Criticality on an Analog-Digital Quantum Simulator (Google) Non-invertible SPT, gauging and symmetry fractionalization Theoretical model for multi-orbital Kondo screening in strongly correlated molecules with several unpaired electrons Emergent Symmetries and Interactions in High Dimensions: An Isolated Fixed Point Versus A Manifold of Strongly Interacting Fixed Points **** (Fei Zhou) Stability of fractional Chern insulators with a non-Landau level continuum limit (Michael P. Zaletel) Time-Reversal Anomalies of QCD3 and QED3 **** (Po-Shen Hsin) Classifying One-Dimensional Quantum States Prepared by a Single Round of Measurements ***** (Rahul Sahay, Ruben Verresen) Lorentz group in gravity theories Massive twistor worldline in electromagnetic fields (Joon-Hwi Kim, Jung-Wook Kim, Sangmin Lee) On the measurements in Quantum Gravity *** A Mathematical Theory of Integer Quantum Hall Effect in Photonics

20240529 Approximately-symmetric neural networks for quantum spin liquids *** (Norman Y. Yao) Bayesian RG Flow in Neural Network Field Theories Emergent Gauge Fields in Band Insulators ***** (Zhaoyu Han, Steven A. Kivelson) Pseudo-Hermitian Topology of Multiband Non-Hermitian Systems *** (Jung-Wan Ryu, Jae-Ho Han, Chang-Hwan Yi, Hee Chul Park, Moon Jip Park) Dataset-learning duality and emergent criticality Quantum subsystem codes, CFTs and their Z2-gaugings Non-Invertible Duality Interfaces in Field Theories with Exotic Symmetries

20240530 Genuine topological Anderson insulator from impurity induced chirality reversal (Frank Pollmann, Johannes Knolle) Diagrammatic Representations of Higher-Dimensional Topological Orders Pristine and Pseudo-gapped Boundaries of the Deconfined Quantum Critical Points ***** (Nayan Myerson-Jain, Xiao-Chuan Wu, Cenke Xu)

20240531 Neural Scaling Laws From Large-N Field Theory: Solvable Model Beyond the Ridgeless Limit ***** High-order Van Hove singularities and their connection to flat bands ***** (Laura Classen, Joseph J. Betouras) On equivalence of two formulas of orbital magnetic susceptibility for tight-binding models Bootstrapping frustrated magnets: the fate of the chiral O(N) × O(2) universality class **** On stability of k-local quantum phases of matter (Maissam Barkeshli) Exploring Replica-Potts CFTs in Two Dimensions Hall-like behaviour of higher rank Chern-Simons theory of fractons ***** (Nicola Maggiore) Massless Quasiparticles in Bogoliubov-de Gennes Systems ***** Beyond universality in repulsive SU(N) Fermi gases **** Measurements conspire nonlocally to restructure critical quantum states (Ehud Altman) Emergent Tetragonality in a Fundamentally Orthorhombic Material (Steven A. Kivelson) String Field Theory: A Review ****** (Ashoke Sen, Barton Zwiebach)