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20240701 Topological ferroelectric chirality Kramers Nonlinearity in PT Symmetric Magnets (Justin C. W. Song) Spin Injection Route to Magnon Berry Curvature Dipole N-bein formalism for the parameter space of quantum geometry *** Z4 transitions in quantum loop models on a zig-zag ladder Ice on curved surfaces: defect rings and differential local dynamics Gauge Fixing in QFT and the Dressing Field Method

20240702 Mathematical Definition of Path Integrals on Symplectic Manifolds Pair Density Waves and Supercurrent Diode Effect in Altermagnets **** (GiBaik Sim, Johannes Knolle) Representing Arbitrary Ground States of Toric Code by Restricted Boltzmann Machine Quantum Simulation with Gauge Fixing: from Ising Lattice Gauge Theory to Dynamical Flux Model Flat band excitons and quantum metric Generalized Topology in Lattice Models without Chiral Symmetry

20240703 Nonreciprocal superconductivity *** (Liang Fu) Reflection and Transmission Amplitudes in a Digital Quantum Simulation Unconventional p-wave and finite-momentum superconductivity induced by altermagnetism through the formation of Bogoliubov Fermi surface *** (SeungBeom Hong, Moon Jip Park, Kyoung-Min Kim) Approximate symmetries, insulators, and superconductivity in continuum-model description of twisted WSe2 *** (Mathias S. Scheurer) Resilience of the quantum critical line in the Schmid transition ** Strange metal at van Hove singularity in magnetic heterostructure ***** Topological defects of 2 + 1D systems from line excitations in 3 + 1D bulk ***** (Wenjie Ji, Xie Chen) Majorana multipole response with magnetic point group symmetry Mean field theory and holographic Kondo lattice ***** (Sang-Jin Sin) Field Theories on Quantum Space-Times: Towards the Phenomenology of Quantum Gravity ****

20240704 Perspective on Non-Hermitian Elastodynamics Quantum Geometry Probed by Chiral Excitonic Optical Response of Chern Insulators Coherent information for CSS codes under decoherence ***** (Ryotaro Niwa, Jong Yeon Lee) TOPICS IN WEYL GEOMETRY AND QUANTUM ANOMALIES

20240708 Cheshire qudits from fractional quantum spin Hall states in twisted MoTe2 (Andrew C. Potter) Deconfined quantum critical points in fermionic systems with spin-charge separation Altermagnetism in Heavy Fermion Systems Quantum Supercriticality in the Ising Model and Rydberg Atom Array **** All-loop group-theory constraints for four-point amplitudes of SU(N), SO(N), and Sp(N) gauge theories ***** Testing the equivalence between the planar Gross-Neveu and Thirring models at N = 1 **** Domain Wall Networks as Skyrmion Crystals in Chiral Magnets (Se Kwon Kim)

20240709 Colloquium: Synthetic quantum matter in non-standard geometries Precise correspondence between the p-wave chiral superfluid and the spinless bosonic superfluid on the lowest Landau level Dual approach to soft-core anyonic Lieb-Liniger fluids Effective field theory for ersatz Fermi liquids ***** (Xiaoyang Huang,1, 2, Andrew Lucas,1, † Umang Mehta,1, ‡ and Marvin Qi) Effective field theory of Berry Fermi liquid from the coadjoint orbit method **** (Xiaoyang Huang)

20240710 Discrete JT gravity as an Ising model (Matthias Vojta) DIRAC CONES AND MAGIC ANGLES IN THE BISTRITZER–MACDONALD TBG HAMILTONIAN Finite size analysis for interacting bosons at the 2D-1D Dimensional Crossover (Thierry Giamarchi) Treatment of the strongly correlated topological superconductors through the 𝑠𝑢(2|1) path-integral technique Magnetization amplification in the interlayer pairing superconductor 4Hb-TaS2 (Chunxiao Liu, Shubhayu Chatterjee, Thomas Scaffidi, Erez Berg, Ehud Altman)

20240711 Quantum Algorithm to Prepare Quasi-Stationary States ***** (Samuel J. Garratt, Soonwon Choi) SPECTRAL STATISTICS, HYDRODYNAMICS AND QUANTUM CHAOS New Integrable RG flows with Parafermions **** (Changrim Ahn)

20240712 Influence of flat bands on RKKY interaction: perspective of Fano defects Superconductivity in three-dimensional interacting doped topological insulators **** (Andra ́s L. Szab ́o, Bitan Roy) Breaking of Lorentz invariance caused by the interplay between spin-orbit interaction and transverse phonon modes in quantum wires Analytic framework for self-dual criticality in Zk gauge theory with matter Uncovering Emergent Spacetime Supersymmetry with Rydberg Atom Arrays A QCA for every SPT ***** (Lukasz Fidkowski, Jeongwan Haah, Matthew B. Hastings) Non-invertible symmetries in finite group gauge theory ***** (Clay C ́ordova, Davi B. Costa, Po-Shen Hsin) Boundary conditions and anomalies of conformal field theories in 1+1 dimensions ***** (Linhao Li, Chang-Tse Hsieh, Yuan Yao, Masaki Oshikawa)